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Helping the e-commerce sector meet customer needs

Online shopping continues to grow, with e-commerce expected to make up 41% of global retail sales by 2027. As a result, the need for efficient shipping is greater than ever. Beyond speed of delivery, consumers are increasingly prioritising reliability. That means greater communication between the seller, the logistics provider and the customer. And, as consumers’ awareness of their impact on the environment increases, the trend towards ‘slow logistics’ is starting to take hold. However, with limits on how long customers are willing to wait, e-commerce logistics companies are faced with balancing two conflicting ideas: speed and sustainability. 

Add to this the unique challenge of returns management coupled with rising costs across the whole supply chain, and the e-commerce sector faces a complexity that only technology can help solve efficiently.

PTV customers in the E-commerce branche

Major e-commerce companies from around the world are using PTV’s technology to help deliver improved customer service whilst lowering costs.

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Tackling your biggest challenges

Choosing the right technology can help you to manage your delivery operations more effectively without lowering the quality of your service.

Faster planning
Maintain customer trust

with real-time tracking of deliveries and most accurate ETAs

High performance
Balance speed with sustainability

using optimisation algorithms that factor in multiple constraints

Keep costs under control

generating and executing resource-efficient routes in the shortest time

Software development Benefit Technology
Scale operations efficiently

with technology that can handle increased complexity

PTV Map&Market Field service management software benefits: Schedules
Handle returns and exchanges smoothly

by incorporating them into delivery route planning

Cross border
Manage cross-border logistics

with centralised planning tools that factor in regional regulations

“The reduced mileage also translates directly into lower CO2 emissions”

Jasper van Dooijeweert
Associate Director of Transport Planning, HelloFresh
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Technology for every stage of the delivery

Manage end-to-end planning more strategically

As businesses grow, both supply chain management and last mile delivery become more complex, requiring effective centralised planning: 

  • Coordinate supply chain logistics and manage returns and exchanges alongside last mile delivery through one platform. 
  • Manage costs related to time window selection by factoring them into route planning. 
  • Calculate expected transport costs for each delivery so that you can balance logistics with competitive pricing strategies. 
  • Meet sustainability goals by planning for lower CO2 emissions, and consider Low/Zero Emission Zones. 
  • Get prepared for the future by planning electric vehicle (EV) routes that factor in battery life and charging station locations. 
  • Design efficient and compliant routes that factor in regulations and restrictions in whatever country you operate.

Optimise your operations to stay ahead of competition

Meeting customers' increasing demands for speed and quality requires tactical day-to-day planning. 

  • Leverage AI to create the most efficient routes incorporating multiple constraints, including speed, time windows and CO2 emissions. 
  • Cut transport costs by 20% with efficient route optimisation that can reduce planned driving times and distance. 
  • Scale logistics operations to factor in seasonal volatility, unexpected demand changes and long-term growth without compromising on quality or overspending resources and budgets. 
  • Adapt to real-time conditions with dynamic routing to reduce delays and provide a more reliable service to customers. 
  • Incorporate returns and exchanges into optimised routes to minimise costs and turnaround times. 

Reassure customers with transparency and communication 

Customers are prioritising reliability of service. Delivering on expectations requires real-time visibility. 

  • Track all deliveries through one, centralised platform integrated into your transport control tower solution. 
  • Alert customers to delays and updated ETAs and minimise missed deliveries with live notifications and alerts. 
  • Manage inventory to meet demand with end-to-end supply chain visibility, reducing potential delays to shipments. 
  • Replace physical paperwork with digital documentation, accessed via a mobile app, saving time and the environment. 
  • Log safe receipt of parcels with electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) using a sign-on-glass app, to speed up payment and minimise customer complaints. 

Deliver for your customers wherever they are

Delays on the road can be minimised with the right navigation technology designed for professional drivers.

  • Arrive at even the most hard-to-find addresses with regularly updated maps and navigation that doesn't require manual destination input. 
  • Keep drivers happy with easy-to-use, guided navigation, reducing the chances of delays and increasing customer satisfaction. 
  • Maintain low costs with navigation software that adapts to real-time traffic scenarios to ensure you're always on the best route. 
  • Meet customer demands for sustainability in urban areas with routes guidance for cargo bikes.   

Support long-term growth with data-driven decision making

Incorporating enhanced data analytics can help you understand how to adapt your business to meet changing demand in the e-commerce space. 

  • Track and analyse your end-to-end operations to uncover areas that could be optimised. 
  • Improve the speed and quality of your operations by comparing to and analysing past deliveries. 
  • Monitor missed or late deliveries to understand where areas of your operations can be improved. 
  • Centralise data collection for easier analysis, and make it more accessible to the wider business 
  • Forecast demand more accurately to find opportunities for sustainable business growth.

Why do e-commerce companies trust PTV Logistics?

Major international e-commerce businesses are using PTV’s technology to help increase efficiency, lower costs and deliver a better customer experience.

Industry expertise
We have years of experience in e-commerce logistics so understand the intricacies of online retail and the challenges you face.
Cutting-edge technology
Our platform leverages the latest in AI, machine learning and IoT to keep you ahead of the competition.
A customer-centric approach
We prioritise your customers’ satisfaction offering flexible delivery options, transparent communication and ETAs they can trust.
Proven results and impact
Our e-commerce clients of all sizes have seen measurable improvements in delivery times, operational costs and customer satisfaction.

Products for the E-commerce branche

PTV OptiFlow

Your comprehensive solution to help you streamline logistics operations and drive sustainable growth.

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Your transport control tower
PTV Axylog

Cloud platform to track and manage transport in real-time: transport visibility.

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Location Service APIs
PTV Developer

PTV Developer offers powerful APIs that extend your software with logistical and geographical functions.

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Reliable truck navigation
PTV Navigator

Truck navigation with up-to-date maps and traffic data.

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Truck route planning software
PTV Map&Guide

With PTV Map&Guide you can create optimised routes, calculate transport and toll costs for your trucks in just a few clicks.

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EV Truck Routing Software
EV Truck Route Planner

Scan our database to find suitable commercial eTrucks & eVans  electric for your company, compare their performance and range, and plan their routes.

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Learn more about how customers are using PTV technology to solve their e-commerce logistics challenges

“During the selection process, PTV Logistics clearly outperformed the other suppliers.“

Jasper van Dooijeweert
Associate Director of Transport Planning @ HelloFresh

“PTV is simply the leader here. It also has a great deal of experience in the European transport environment.”

Dr. Benedikt Stolze
Founder and CEO @ Urbify

Solutions for every stage of the delivery

Explore our library of resources to understand how your business operations could be improved by incorporating specialist logistics software. 

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