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PTV Route Optimiser is an unrivalled route optimisation software that enables transport planners to build better routes and schedules and boosts fleet utilisation and overall efficiency. Contact us to unlock the full potential of your fleet now!

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PTV Route Optimiser: Route optimisation software to unlock the full potential of your fleet

PTV Route Optimiser is route optimisation software designed to help businesses plan more efficient and robust routes for fleets. The software distributes orders across your vehicles in an optimised way and calculates efficient routes for multiple stops while taking relevant restrictions into account.

Transport planners benefit from automated and faster processes, saving them many hours of planning each week. Above that, using route optimisation software leads to better and more robust results - with a positive impact on the challenges drivers face on the road. PTV Route Optimiser digitises your processes and ensures that information is stored centrally, boosting transparency.

In today’s fast-paced environment, customers expect nothing less than speedy deliveries and up-to-date information on arrival times. This need, along with the growing demands of shippers and carriers to reduce costs and emissions, makes creating sensible routes that maximise the utilisation of vehicles and drivers more important than ever. PTV Route Optimiser helps you make the best use of your resources and increase profitability. Savings of 17% or more are not unusual. Even companies with smaller fleets usually save 7% to 15% through software-supported planning.

Why you should consider PTV Route Optimiser

PTV Route Optimiser higher profitability
Higher profitability

Reduce transportation costs and increase fleet utilisation

PTV Route Optimiser Happy satisfied customers
Happy customers

Provide better delivery performance and increase punctuality

PTV Route Optimiser KPIs at a glance
Streamlined processes

Digitise planning and store knowledge centrally

Functions of PTV Route Optimiser

Identify savings potential in existing routes & schedules

Check master routes for optimisation potential and adapt them to changes routinely. You don't need to start from scratch when optimising existing routes and schedules. PTV Route Optimiser allows you to evaluate them and make sure they're in line with any changes, such as external circumstances (e.g. infrastructure), customers and their requirements (e.g. changes in opening hours and delivery windows) and your own priorities and requirements (e.g. number of vehicles), that may have occurred since the routes were first introduced.

Calculate personnel, freight and toll costs

The on-premise version of PTV Route Optimiser includes transportation costs automatically in optimised route planning, including expenses for personnel and freight. The tool also knows toll rates in all European countries and calculates exact toll costs for all your transport. Do you work with external partners, service providers and subcontractors? Import their rates and use the software to evaluate whether to perform a transport yourself or outsource it.

With this transport planning software, you always have all numbers in sight. You quickly see whether it's worth taking on a new job and how much profit you'll make.

Calculate and communicate delivery times

The on-premise route planning system schedules each delivery down to the minute and enables you to notify all parties of the transport chain about the estimated time of arrival (ETA) automatically via the tool. You save time-consuming phone calls and messages. And your customers benefit from greater planning reliability and transparency. If delays occur due to heavy traffic, breakdowns or delays in previous jobs, you can also inform your customers in real time about the updated arrival time.

Automatically consider restrictions and requirements

In a world without restrictions, creating an itinerary is relatively easy. However, the reality is different. Countless specifications and restrictions make transportation planning a complex task these days. Customers and authorities are placing ever-increasing demands on delivery times, loading and unloading points, vehicle specifications and much more.

PTV Route Optimiser turns the complexity of route planning and scheduling into efficiency. This is because the software automatically takes all relevant constraints into account. To do this, they only need to be recorded by your transport planner, maintained, and transferred to the software via an interface.

Integrate PTV Route Optimiser with standard interfaces

Good input leads to good output: To calculate optimal routes and schedules with PTV Route Optimiser, you need to feed the software with data and information about your customers, your fleet and your drivers. PTV Route Optimiser comes with interfaces for all common transport management, ERP, CRM, MMS and telematics systems. These interfaces reduce the time of configuration when integrating PTV Route Optimiser into your software infrastructure, enable an efficient transfer of data and prevent data transfer errors.

Regardless of how optimal the routes and schedules are that your planners mapped out, plans are only successful if carried out well. That’s why your planned routes can be transferred via an interface to the permanently installed or mobile on-board computers or telematics systems in your vehicles, or even to your drivers' smartphones using the PTV Driver app.

Add functionalities with additional modules

Do you want to achieve even more with PTV Route Optimiser? The on-premise version of our Route Optimiser offers many additional modules that allow you to add more functionalities easily. We will gladly implement your requirements together with you.

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PTV Route Optimiser is the most powerful route planning and optimisation tool on the market. It has unrivaled high-performing algorithms, can be tailored to individual needs and adapted to all common transport management, ERP, CRM, WMS and telematics systems thanks to standard interfaces.

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Use Case

Last mile delivery

Last mile delivery is tricky and by far the most expensive part of the supply chain, accounting for as much as 30-50% of total delivery cost. And every failed delivery attempt, traffic jam or wrong turn drives up the costs even more. That’s why optimising last mile delivery is critical to overall efficiency and profitability.

Manual planning is unable to consider the various factors and restrictions impacting last mile delivery. That’s why route optimisation software like PTV Route Optimiser is essential for efficient last mile delivery. The software uses algorithms to assign shipments to routes and vehicles, creates a schedule for the whole fleet and calculates optimised routes.

Use Case

Emissions Calculation & Reduction

A clear win-win situation: With the PTV route optimisation software, you consume fewer resources and protect the environment. This is because the tool calculates optimised and efficient routes for your entire fleet and ensures that no excess miles are driven. The result: with every mile you save, you also reduce your fuel consumption and emissions.

After all, a growing number of clients value sustainability and therefore demand an emissions certificate from their logistics service providers. PTV Route Optimiser calculates the emission values emitted for each trip. With just a few clicks, you can create a CO2 or emissions balance sheet for the respective customer.

Flexible software components instead of full software?

Are you more interested in particular features to integrate into your existing logistics or telematics software?  Why don't you have a look at our PTV Developer software components?

PTV Developer is scalable, flexible, easy to integrate and above all, helps you to optimise every logistics process.

Learn more about PTV Developer

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PTV Route Optimiser is a flexible and configurable route planning and optimisation tool. It has high-performing algorithms, can be tailored to individual needs and adapted to all common transport management, ERP, CRM, WMS and telematics systems thanks to standard interfaces.

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What customers say about PTV Route Optimiser

PTV Route Optimiser allows us to combine optimisation of transportation and distribution with reduction of consumption and waste.

Giuseppe Galantuomo
Logistics Director, Unilever Italia

A route optimization solution can provide significant cost savings even in an organization with a small fleet.

Patrick Oude Heuvel
Mastermate Brinkman

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