Real-time transport visibility platform

PTV Axylog enables shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers to track and manage their road transport orders in real time. The platform connects the stakeholders of the transport value chain. It enhances transport visibility and process efficiency through automated paperless workflows.

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What is PTV Axylog?

PTV Axylog is the solution for digitising and automating your transport and delivery processes. It is a transport control tower that enables you to keep track of your orders, routes, and vehicles. Along the supply chain, data is exchanged with logistics service providers, forwarders, and carriers without media disruptions. Delivery documents reach the consignee via mobile devices. Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) data is processed in real-time and transmitted to the responsible person or to leading systems without any relevant delay. 

The vendor-independent cloud platform ensures visibility, efficiency, and quality of service along the supply chain.

PTV Axylog provides a web portal, a mobile driver app, and a connectivity layer (API). It can be adapted to the needs of all types of deliveries from the first to the last mile (FTL, LTL, CEP). The solution is suitable for any goods such as FMCG, food & beverages, and electronics. 

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Get full control of your delivery process

A transport control tower tailored to your needs 

PTV Axylog is modular, flexible, and customisable. We offer out-of-the-box packages for SMEs and larger companies that our professional services team helps to set up and get running.  PTV Axylog is vendor-independent and can easily be connected via API to complement the functionality of your ERP, WMS or TMS.  


Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) 

ePOD, including sign-on glass, photos, and status messages can easily be acquired with the PTV Axylog mobile driver app. Once a POD is completed, the associated data is processed in real-time. PTV Axylog lets the user define powerful workflows to generate documents and send notifications to involved stakeholders. The result: Transparent documentation, rapid feedback to the customer, prompt invoicing, and of course, plenty of cost-saving potential through process automation! 

Real-time document management workflow

It’s time to go paperless: PTV Axylog enables you to automate your document management workflow, reduces lead times and manual operations, and improves customer service. The software digitises your transport documents and attaches them to the scheduled orders. It makes them available on the driver’s mobile device to have the documents signed by consignors and consignees. The result: No more paper documents that get lost on the way, need to be manually scanned or arrive late at the customers. 


From planning to execution – with just one software provider 

Looking for planning or navigation software to go with your transport control tower? PTV has over 40 years of experience with planning and optimisation solutions and offers several products that perfectly complement PTV Axylog. Use PTV Route Optimiser or the PTV Developer components to build robust routes and to transfer your planning into PTV Axylog.  

PTV Navigator can be launched directly from the Axylog Driver app and reliably guides the truck driver to the next stop on the route, taking truck restrictions into account. Combine our products as you like – the aligned interfaces will ensure continuity and smooth data exchange. 

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Transportation visibility and digitalisation functionality

Real-time visibility

PTV Axylog enables you to track the position of your vehicles with high accuracy. It calculates robust and reliable estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on real-time vehicle movement data by telematics interfaces. 

  • Detect vehicle position by GPS devices
  • Consider arrival-, departure- and service times (geofencing)
  • Calculate precise ETA
  • Quickly respond to anomalies and disruptions

Whether full truck load (FTL), less than truckload (LTL) shipping or last mile: PTV Axylog manages any type of delivery. In case of multi-drop trips, your ETA calculation also considers varying service times of each stop.

Real-time Communication and Collaboration

PTV Axylog helps you to exploit the competitive power of real-time collaboration between planners, carriers and customers:

  • Simply assign tours and send tour modifications to the operator
  • Send/receive real-time notifications and alerts
  • Manage users, groups and instances that collaborate with each other (including subcontractors)
  • Chat between planner and driver (contextualised, trip-based)
  • Exchange real-time data between all involved parties

Fully digitalised ePODs and document management

Store and access all shipping documents, instructions, and ePoDs in one cloud.
Connect with the operator by our QrDelivery App for drivers:

  • Acquire electronic Proofs of Delivery (ePODs)
  • Gain and access digital signatures on ePODs
  • Provide an electronic bordereau
  • Document delivery status by photos
  • Send and receive feedback to/from driver
  • Offer COD (cash on delivery) shipping

Customisable alerts and notifications

Optimise your supply chain and improve customer loyalty by customisable, automatic alerts and notifications on the delivery status in time.

Monitoring of KPIs

Keep every aspect of the delivery process under control. KPI dashboards and reports help you to make the right decisions and to measure and optimise your supply chain.

Connectivity and Automation

PTV Axylog provides easy connectivity:

  • Easy connectivity to systems like WMS, ERP or TMS via API
  • Easy connectivity to PTV Route Optimiser via Standard API
  • Connectivity to telematics services providers in real-time
  • Transport visibility based on current vehicle positions

Already a user of PTV Route Optimiser?

PTV Axylog perfectly complements your PTV Route Optimiser functionality. Connect both solutions to combine route optimisation with real-time transport visibility. This enables you to plan, track and manage all your logistics flows seamlessly. For higher efficiency and satisfaction along your entire transport chain.

Both solutions can be connected via standard API. Routes planned in PTV Route Optimiser can be imported and adopted for transport execution into PTV Axylog. Transport execution, information exchange and visualisation are provided within PTV Axylog.

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Why you should consider PTV Axylog

PTV Axylog provides transport visibility by real-time tracking

Maximise control of the delivery process by tracking vehicle positions in real-time.

PTV Axylog calculates exact ETA

Calculate real-time ETA under the consideration of disruptions along the route.

PTV Axylog provides digitalization of supply chain

Replace manual tasks with automated processes to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

PTV Axylog provides transport visibility through alerts and notifications

Define workflows to detect anomalies, and create and send personalised notifications in real-time.

PTV Axylog Benefit icon Automation of processes

Automate and digitise the fulfilment process and provide electronic proof of delivery (ePOD).

PTV Axylog Benefit icon collaboration

Collaborate and share information with customers, carriers, and subcontractors within one platform.

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What our customers say about PTV Axylog

We needed a stable solution, easy to implement and widely adopted or adoptable not only within the food world.

Roberta D'Angelo
Head of IT

We highly appreciate PTV Axylog in terms of product traceability and transport tracking. We can unreservedly recommend PTV Axylog and their service.

Salvatore Di Matteo
Customer Logistics Team Manager @ Findus S.P.A.

PTV's technology is a winner for all the key players: drivers, partners, and also those who manage back office and customer service issues.

Giuseppe Mariella
Logistics Director @ Codè Crai Ovest

At all times, we know whether an order is being prepared, planned for shipment, or being delivered. This makes us faster, more efficient, and more productive.

Luca Mancusi
Continuous Improvement Manager @ Linea Catering (Gerli Group)

We are convinced of PTV Axylog because we now know at any time where the order is in the delivery process.

Tommaso Ceglie
Head of Logistics @ Sammontana S.p.a.

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