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The truck route planning software PTV Map&Guide

With PTV Map&Guide you can create optimised routes for your trucks in just a few clicks. The online truck route planning software automatically considers vehicle restrictions, time windows, traffic information, and driving and rest times, resulting in routes adjusted for trucks and commercial vehicles. The truck routing software also calculates the expected transport costs – including tolls. This speeds up the invoicing process while increasing efficiency as well as profit margins.

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Why you should consider PTV Map&Guide

PTV Data trip distance
Fewer miles

Minimise detours and costs with an optimised and efficient truck route planning

Benefit: Lower transport costs
Full cost control

Calculate your transport costs precisely and create attractive offers

PTV Route Optimiser easy planning
The Billing Standard

The 'PTV Map&Guide kilometer' is the established billing standard for road freight transport in Europe

Functions of PTV Map&Guide

Truck-optimised routing

PTV Map&Guide offers various vehicle profiles for routing and considers a large number of truck restrictions, including vehicle characteristics (e.g. height, width, axle load), dangerous goods data, toll roads, truck-free zones, traffic information and permanent construction sites, as well as driving and rest times.

Sequence and time window optimisation

The routing software determines the optimal sequence of your stops, taking into account time windows at the loading bay, opening hours, individual time windows, and fixed start and end times.

Transport cost calculation

The software provides you with a clear and reliable overview of all transport costs incurred (costs for vehicle, personnel, route and vehicle-dependent toll), which you can then detail in your offer.

Toll cost calculation

During route planning, the integrated toll calculator automatically takes into account current tariffs in all toll roads, bridges, tunnels and ferries - and sums the expected toll costs.

Calculation of arrival time (ETA)

The route planning software PTV Map&Guide calculates the expected arrival time (Estimated Time of Arrival) based on historical values as well as information on construction sites and road closures. It updates the forecast during the journey, based on the current traffic situation.

Price Calculation & Quotation Preparation

Based on your desired margin, the software creates a price calculation and a proposal for a realistic and economical sales price.

Billing standard "PTV Map&Guide Kilometer"

The "PTV Map&Guide Kilometer" has established itself as a billing standard for road freight transport in Europe. Calculations, quotations, and invoices based on this are widely accepted and are comparable.

Prepare quotes for large-scale logistics tenders with tender+

The powerful tender+ extension processes large amounts of data and automatically calculates transport and toll costs, distances, and travel times, as well as emissions. This eliminates time-consuming manual address entries and settings.

Show vehicle positions on a map

PTV Map&Guide shows you the positions of all vehicles currently on the road on a map and informs you about the status of the route and each individual stop (requires the use of the PTV Driver app).

Emissions calculation

PTV Map&Guide enables you to get detailed calculations of CO2 and other polluting emissions of your routes, and to retrieve them as a report. The calculation is based on DIN EN16258.

Visualisation of customer data

In addition to route calculation, PTV Map&Guide also offers you the option of importing, managing and visualising customer data on a map.

Guided navigation

In combination with PTV Navigator, the planned routes can be transmitted directly to your truck drivers via an interface, without losing any data.

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Your precise truck toll calculator

With PTV Map&Guide you can easily calculate the truck toll costs for each planned route. The software prvoides you with regular updates for the latest toll tariffs for Europe. Interested in also reducing toll costs? Then you specify in the routing settings that routes with tolls should be avoided.

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Calculate transport costs

Route planning software PTV Map&Guide calculates your freight and transport costs to the penny. In addition to vehicle costs, the software also takes into account the costs for tolls and personnel and also includes variable costs per mile or hour. With just a few clicks, you can create quotes and increase your profit margin.

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Plan Efficient Truck Routes

In an industry that is increasingly under financial pressure, professional truck route planning is more crucial than ever to optimise journeys, reduce costs, maximise efficiency, and maintain healthy profit margins. But what is truck route planning and how does it work? We’ll cover everything you need to know in this article.

Learn how to Optimise Truck Routes

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Flexible software components instead of full software?

Are you rather interested in particular features to integrate into your existing logistics or telematics software?  Why don't you have a look at our PTV Developer components?
PTV Developer are scalable, flexible, easy to integrate and above all - they help you to optimise every logistics process.

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What our customers say about PTV Map&Guide

I can fully recommend PTV Map&Guide. The system meets our expectations.

Piotr Bryg
Omega Pilzno

We needed dynamic route optimisation software that could provide accurate, reliable delivery times and accurate costs.

Bart Pikula
Operations Manager @ Efret Ltd.

With PTV Map&Guide, we can quickly and accurately calculate transport costs and determine the profitability of incoming orders.

Goran Vareskic
Branch Manager @ Integre Trans GmbH

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Google Maps quickly reaches its limits when planning truck routes. Read why route optimization software is the better choice.

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