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Supporting the CEP sector as it evolves

The challenges facing Courier, Express and Parcel (CEP) delivery service providers are already great. Customer service needs to be a priority, with demand for time-sensitive delivery, high-level security and tracking, and ad-hoc requests. And with business largely driven by ecommerce, with high volumes of small packages requiring multiple stops, it’s crucial to keep costs in check. Add to this, fluctuating fuel prices, increased volatility of transport volumes since the pandemic and driver shortages, and the CEP sector is facing real pressure to increase efficiency and control costs.

These pressures are only set to intensify as volumes continue to grow and demand for faster delivery times increase. Within this context, technology will play a key supporting role. 

Tackling your biggest challenges

Incorporating the right technology into each stage of CEP delivery operations can help you address your most pressing challenges.

Improve efficiency & reduce costs

By designing better routes more quickly

Deliver better customer service

Through minimising disruptions and improving communication

Benefit tile authorities approve
Meet compliance requirements

With centralised planning tools that factor in regulation

Software development Benefit Technology
Tackle capacity & scalability issues

By using technology designed to solve complex routing problems

Manage technology integration

With tools that can be incorporated into your current systems

Courier, express and parcel delivery
Maintain your competitive edge

By adapting more quickly to fluctuations in the CEP industry landscape

Users in the Courier Express and Parcel branche

Major CEP companies from around the world are using PTV’s technology to help increase efficiency across their delivery supply chain.

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“OptiFlow always came out as the best software solution in the comparison”

Philip Bleijlevens
CCO Health & Circular, DynaGroup Parent group of Dynalogic
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Solutions for every stage of the delivery

Achieve maximum results with planning optimisation

Bringing your strategic plans to life and optimising your day-to-day operations requires tactical planning. 

  • Leverage AI to calculate the best routes more quickly, regardless of the complexity of your network.  
  • Cut transport costs by 20% with efficient route optimisation that can reduce planned driving times and lower fuel consumption. 
  • Optimise resources by factoring vehicle and driver availability into your planning. 
  • Automate elements of your planning process for maximum efficiency whilst maintaining overall control of transport operations. 
  • Respond to disruptions with increased flexibility as they occur by incorporating dynamic route optimisation. 

Stay in control with real-time transport visibility

To minimise disruption and increase customer trust you need to have full control over your transport operations.  

  • Track all deliveries through one, centralised platform integrated into your transport control tower solution. 
  • Monitor delivery status to know when to intervene and adapt routes in case of disruptions. 
  • Inform customers of potential delays and share accurate ETA’s directly with live alerts and notifications. 
  • Manage delivery paperwork more efficiently with digital documentation that can be accessed via a mobile app. 
  • Log safe receipt of parcels and letters with electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) using a sign-on-glass app, to speed up payment and minimise customer complaints. 

Reduce costs and CO2 through strategic planning 

Efficient transport operations are centred around strategic design, which is the first step for any CEP transport planner.

  • Minimise time spent on designing routes, including for multi-stop deliveries, using route calculation and planning technology. 
  • Create efficient and compliant delivery routes by factoring in constraints such as vehicle restrictions, traffic information and driver rest times. 
  • Stay on budget by calculating the expected transport costs for each delivery, including fuel and tolls, in advance. 
  • Meet your sustainability goals by planning for lower CO2 emissions, and design electric vehicle (EV) routes that factor in battery life and charging station locations. 
  • Remain competitive and adapt to the demand landscape with depot location planning.

Minimise delays with professional navigation software

Getting parcels to the right place at the right time requires good navigation technology designed specifically for logistics professionals. 

  • Reduce delays with easy-to-use navigation that provides clear directions to the driver, via a mobile app, without the need to input the destination address.
  • Know that you’re always on the best route with regularly updated software that provides truck-friendly routes and incorporates live traffic data.
  • Improve efficiency and lower fuel costs by minimising deviations to the planned routes whilst responding to disruptions in real-time.
  • Support your green business goals with navigation for cargo-bike routes.

Drive business growth with enhanced analytics 

The key to long-term business success is making data-informed decisions based on your actual operations.  

  • Collect and store data from each stage of the delivery process to build a complete picture of your transport operations. 
  • Improve the speed and quality of your operations by comparing to and analysing past deliveries. 
  • Manage resources more effectively by understanding where potential disruptions are likely to occur or where savings can be made.  
  • Forecast demand more accurately to find opportunities for sustainable business growth.

Products for Courier, Expess and Parcel


Your comprehensive solution to help you streamline logistics operations and drive sustainable growth.

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Your transport control tower
PTV Axylog

Cloud platform to track and manage transport in real-time: transport visibility.

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Maps API
PTV Developer

PTV Developer offers high-performance APIs that enrich your software solution by logistical and geographical functionalities.

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Why do CEP delivery companies trust PTV?

“We wanted to achieve even more accurate service, scalability in the cloud, and to plan based on traffic patterns to save CO2 emissions and costs. We have achieved all of that thanks to OptiFlow.”

Philip Bleijlevens
Director strategy, innovation & CE

“The excellent results obtained over the years guarantee high reliability and are our 'eyes on the road'. I can only be very satisfied with PTV Logistics."

Luca Schiroli
Linehaul Delivery Manager @ DHL Italy

"PTV is simply the leader here. It also has a great deal of experience in the European transport environment."

Dr. Benedikt Stolze
Founder and CEO @ Urbify

Learn how technology can help CEP service providers 

Explore our library of resources to understand how your business operations could be improved by incorporating specialist logistics software. 

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