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With PTV Navigator your truck drivers reach their destination safe, sound and on time. Our professional truck navigation only guides them on truck-specific routes and uses up-to-date maps and traffic data, powered by TomTom, to make sure they stay on the most efficient route. Available as an Android App with included API or as SDK, PTV Navigator can be integrated into your mobile solution and connected with most telematics or logistic solutions. Get in touch to learn how PTV Navigator can boost the efficiency of your supply chain and to hear more about the terms and conditions we offer to partners and resellers. 

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Why you should consider PTV Navigator

PTV Map&Market Field service management software benefits: Sales territories
Always up-to-date maps

Always up-to-date and highly accurate online maps, powered by TomTom Maps

PTV Axylog calculates exact ETA
Best route through traffic jams

Always on the best route for the current traffic situation, powered by TomTom Traffic

PTV Vistad
Flexible terms of use for fleets

Benefit from a flexible business model and licenses that are no longer device bound

Professional Truck Navigation App PTV Navigator

A professional truck navigation app like PTV Navigator is key in achieving supply chain efficiency. Unlike free navigation tools like Google Maps, our custom truck routing system considers truck attributes (e.g., truck dimensions, weight and cargo) and truck-specific restrictions (e.g., tunnels and low emission zones), and only provides truck-specific GPS navigation. It guides trucks to their destination turn by turn and makes sure they always stay on the most efficient route available. In addition, PTV Navigator accesses the most exact and up-to-date maps, an array of traffic data and well-known vehicle types. 

PTV Navigator is available in two versions:  

  • Our established product, the PTV Truck Navigator, navigates with offline maps and is available in Europe 
  • Our new release PTV Truck Navigator G2, navigates with online/hybrid maps and is available worldwide  

PTV Navigator G2 is offered as a mobile app for Android, that comes with an API for connecting to other apps. In times of driver shortage, you need to make sure to keep your drivers happy. That’s why PTV Navigator G2 is designed to provide a state-of-the-art and intuitive user experience your drivers will enjoy. 


Functions: PTV Truck Navigator vs. PTV Truck Navigator G2


PTV Truck Navigator

PTV Truck Navigator G2 (latest release)

Truck-specific navigation routes

PTV Navigator considers truck profiles, vehicle attributes and preferences, and only guides your drivers on routes suitable for freight traffic. This saves unexpected detours, U-turns, time and stress!


Intuitive and easy-to-use UX

PTV Navigator was completely revamped and is now easier and more intuitive to use than ever before. It gives drivers a clear, easy-to-understand interface and is available in several languages. Addresses can be entered easily thanks to a One Field Search. For you, this translates into a low need for support: After the rollout, the maintenance effort is minimal.

GoodEven better

Perfectly up-to date online maps

Navigation with online TomTom maps that are always up-to-date because they are accessed directly from the map provider’s server park.


Hybrid/offline maps

Offline maps are stored locally on the navigation device. This reduces data usage and ensures seamless navigation in remote areas with poor mobile data coverage. Hybrid maps combine the benefits of offline and online maps and consider live traffic data.

Yes, offline maps. TomTom maps are updated twice a year. HERE maps are updated once a year.Coming soon

Historical traffic information for daytime dependent routes

Is a truck passing rush-hour traffic or entering the city center at a particularly busy time? PTV Navigator considers historical traffic patterns and factors them into driving and arrival times, powered by TomTom.


Live traffic integration with predictions

Is an accident on your route causing congestion? Is the congestion expected to build or clear up by the time you get there? PTV Navigator uses historic traffic data and Artificial Intelligence to predict delays in the future. This enables drivers to look up and select alternative routes if it makes sense.


Guided navigation

Thanks to guided navigation routes planned in your telematics or route planning system can be recreated similarly on your driver’s mobile app via an interface.

YesComing soon

Configurable vehicle profiles

PTV Navigator allows you to configure and save vehicle profiles (e.g., truck dimensions and weight, axle load capacity, max. allowed speed, hazardous goods). Once set up, the tool always considers your vehicle restrictions in its route suggestions. For you, this means that you don’t have to continuously double-check whether the suggested routes are appropriate for your trucks.


Route alternatives

PTV Navigator allows your users to check different routing options so they can choose one that is both optimal for your trip and suits your road trip preferences.

Yes, with toll kmYes

Speed display and speeding alerts

PTV Navigator measures and displays the speed your trucks are driving. It accesses a database of speed limit information and notifies drivers by voice and visual alerts when they pass the speed limit.

BothSpeed display: Yes
Speed alerts: Planned

Lane guidance

PTV Navigator makes driving in unfamiliar areas easier. Navigating with PTV Navigator, your drivers don’t need to worry about driving in the correct lane. Lane guidance moves with the truck and clearly shows the right lane to be in. The tool shows highway exits or complicated intersections ahead of time so drivers can prepare for changing lanes.

Only junction views for selected situationsYes, full coverage

Voice guidance

PTV Navigator gives your drivers spoken turn-by-turn instructions. They don’t need to take their eyes off the road and can focus all their attention on driving. That way, you can be sure your drivers and cargo are always safe.


SDK for Seamless integration

The integration possibilities go far beyond the support of Intents. Our comprehensive API allows you to fully automate PTV Navigator from your application, send destinations or even complete guided routes, retrieve all real-time information and much more.

Yes, fully flexible, high integration effortsNot planned

Simple deployment

We offer easy deployment and licensing and enable efficient management of updates and licenses thanks to a navigation license manager.

Yes, license is device boundYes, license is flexible, not device bound

Who benefits from PTV Navigator? 

Value-Added Resellers  

Add navigation functionalities to your telematics or logistics software by integrating PTV Navigator. You receive a modern, continuously updated solution with up-to-date map and traffic data. We supply extensive documentation and support during deployment and maintenance. Moreover, we offer attractive commercial terms for VAR partners. 


As fleet manager of a company that ships goods with its own fleets as well as with the help of subcontractors, you know that the efficiency of your logistics stands and falls with execution. PTV Navigator enables you to transfer routes to your drivers’ navigation devices to ensure that your plans become reality (Guided Navigation).  

We make it easy to roll out PTV Navigator to large fleets and offer flexible terms of use. For example, your licenses are no longer device-bound. 


Add a navigation solution to your portfolio of software solutions that satisfies your customers’ navigation needs and is hassle-free to deploy and maintain for you. We offer you attractive commercial terms, so you benefit from selling PTV Navigator on our behalf.  


PTV Navigator provides the best route through traffic jams. Enable your drivers to reach their destination on the best route available given their vehicles’ restrictions and the current traffic situation, all while avoiding detours, hassle and stress. This saves your business time and money and increases the satisfaction of your drivers.  

Connect PTV Navigator with your IT infrastructure to ensure that everyone – from planners to customers – has all the information they need at their fingertips. 

Powered by TomTom 

Punctuality and safety are critical in the trucking industry. TomTom, a global leader in geolocation technology, provides accurate ETAs that adjust according to real-time traffic data. TomTom services include traffic, navigation, routing, and more available through APIs and SDKs to direct your fleets and trucks to the best route for faster ETAs based on vehicle type, height, and weight. Trusted by hundreds of millions of drivers, businesses, and governments, TomTom’s highly accurate maps, navigation software, real-time traffic information, and APIs power PTV Navigator, making the roads safer and the drive easier. 

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