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Integrate the PTV xServer software components seamlessly into your existing system landscape to solve optimisation challenges in transportation and logistics even more efficiently.

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This success is based on the trust that 5,000 customers have placed in us for 40 years.

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Individual. Flexible. Scalable: The PTV xServer software components

PTV xServer is based on a modular architecture. This means you can add geographical and logistical functions to your existing software solution that are tailored to your needs. The components are flexibly scalable and grow with your company. This guarantees optimal performance - regardless of the size of your system. Hence, deploying PTV xServer is a safe investment into the future of your company.

Simple. Quick. Seamless: The PTV xServer programming interface

Integrate the PTV xServer software components seamlessly into any existing software solution thanks to their standardised interfaces (e.g. REST). The components work in the background and do not need their own interface. Therefore, the new functions can be used on familiar interfaces and you quickly and easily gain user acceptance.

Benefit tile Visum plan mobility
30M routes optimised per day

Our customers plan and optimise more than 30 million routes every day.

Maps Pin Benefit tile
20M addresses geocoded per day

With the help of PTV xServer, over 20 million locations are geocoded every day.

Benefit tile economic planning
17% in annual cost savings

Thanks to PTV xServer, our customers save up to 17% annually.

Reliable. Professional. Personal: The PTV xServer Service & Support

Benefit from comprehensive documentation, code samples, webinars and the PTV xServer Developer Forum as well as personal advice: We support and train your employees during setup and the entire contract period.

Clear. Strategic. Dynamic: Logistics optimisation with PTV xServer

Managing transportation is complex. The PTV xServer software components combine precise formulas and algorithms with decades of experience in logistics and transportation that enable you to turn this complexity into efficiency: They cover all requirements of the transport chain, from order entry to delivery at maximum level of detail and performance. See how other customers and partners succeed with PTV xServer.

APIs & SDKs for geographical & logistic needs

We know developers want two things: seamless integration and satisfied software users. PTV xServer equips developers with the tools they need to do just that. Select from and combine a large range of components, plugins, and APIs for all your logistical and geospatial needs including geocoding, digital maps, routing, optimisation and much more.

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PTV xServer Customer Area

Optimise your logistics processes by downloading PTV xServer and add-ons.

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PTV xServer internet Developer Guide

Find all of the information for a successful start-up with our cloud solution, including various programming examples for C#, Java, JavaScript and Python.

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PTV xServer internet Developer Guide

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