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PTV Logistics is happy to announce that develogment will now integrate PTV Developer OptiFlow API into its cargoconnect software. This collaboration, combines PTV Logistics' expertise in logistical planning and optimisation algorithms with develogment's two decades of experience in software solutions for supply chain management. The integration of PTV Logistics' technologies into cargoconnect® offers efficiency, scalability, and digital innovation "Made in Germany".


The integration of PTV Logistics' PTV Developer including the OptiFlow algorithm, ensures that cargoconnect® customers benefit from enhanced planning accuracy, optimised route calculations, and the assurance of GDPR compliance with all data securely stored within the European Union.

cargoconnect®, develogment's flagship product, is a comprehensive, future-proof software solution that streamlines and automates the entire supply chain. It features modules for transport, warehouse, and production management, along with commercial-administrative processes. The software excels in multimodal transport management, covering trucks, inland waterways, containers, and aeroplanes, and is distinguished by its "connect" feature - the seamless interplay of all components, automated best-practise processes, and real-time data analytics for corporate management.

Furthermore, the PTV Developer platform, known for its reliable, high-performance, RESTful APIs that adhere to the OpenAPI standard, enables seamless integration into web-based applications. Offering system reliability of at least 99.9%, PTV Logistics underscores its commitment to operational excellence and data security.

“This collaboration with develogment and the integration of our technologies into cargoconnect® exemplify our mission to drive innovation in the logistics sector. Together, we are setting new standards for efficiency and digitalisation in supply chain management.” 

Heinz Buechi
Senior Account Executive @ PTV Logistics


“The steadily growing number of cargoconnect® users can look forward to the partnership. They will benefit from the unique combination of the latest digital technologies and market-leading functionalities of both companies. New levels of efficiency and productivity will be achieved, enabling end customers to offer a leading service along the entire supply chain: from planning to execution, multimodal, for all locations in the network and all customers in the portfolio – from a single source.” 

Sven Vogel
Managing Director @ develogment


PTV Logistics and develogment's collaboration is a testament to their shared vision of transforming the logistics industry through digital innovation, offering scalable and compliant solutions to businesses worldwide.

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