PTV Logistics Announces Launch of PTV Developer OptiFlow API to Help Customers Reduce Costs and Emissions

Customers can now optimize up to 100,000 locations, reduce costs and save C02

Karlsruhe, Germany. March 12, 2024 – PTV Logistics announces the official launch of the PTV Developer OptiFlow API. This groundbreaking API is now available, offering businesses a powerful algorithm for optimising routes with up to 100,000 locations. This optimisation improves efficiency and streamlines transportation processes effectively. 


The PTV Developer OptiFlow API easily integrates with logistics operations, offering customers and partners unlimited, flexible options in building route optimisation solutions to their exact specifications.  

It leverages the proven algorithm from the successful OptiFlow SaaS product, known for its robust cloud-based route optimisation. This optimisation algorithm efficiently handles complex logistical challenges, addressing large problems without compromising quality. It operates on the principle that optimising the entire plan at once is more effective than manually splitting the problem, ensuring thorough and practical solutions. 

“This API signifies a major advancement in route optimisation technology,” said Dr. An de Wispelaere, Chief Product Officer, PTV Logistics. “Customers can expect double-digit savings on their transportation costs, even when already using a planning system.” Not only will this help our customers operate more efficiently, decrease their environmental impact, and boost customer satisfaction – it also contributes to a notable reduction in CO2 emissions. This achievement underscores our commitment to customers and our role in promoting sustainable solutions for the future.” 

“The transition to OptiFlow has enabled us to leverage high-performing algorithms that not only minimize transport costs but also support our green logistics initiatives. ID Logistics is fully committed to sustainable logistics and the significant kilometers reduced contribute to our CSR goals, thanks to OptiFlow.” 

Armand Schuffelers
Director Operations, ID Logistics


“The development of reusable and easily integrable digital components is an integral part of our IT strategy. In cooperation with PTV Logistics, we were able to add a key component to our catalogue. We are looking forward to how things will develop further and teaming with PTV Logistics – now and in the future.” 

Jan Rick
Senior Vice President Global IT-Governance (L.LCG), Schenker AG

OptiFlow | The best cloud-based route optimisation algorithms

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