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Location Service APIs to solve vehicle routing problems

PTV Developer offers high-performance APIs that enrich your software solution by logistical and geographical functionalities. The APIs can be combined and customized as needed and scale easily. Integrate PTV Developer APIs to boost the efficiency and performance of your logistics and to give your business a competitive edge.

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API for geographic functions: search geocoding (direct and reverse), address normalization, coordinate validation

Geocoding is the key function for all mapping and routing activities. PTV Developer's APIs allow you to integrate geolocation functions into logistics and transport software in a simple and flexible way: try them for free!

  • Converting GPS coordinates to addresses and vice versa
  • Address normalization
  • Forward and reverse geocoding
  • Simple integration, scalability and high performance

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API for Truck Routing: calculation of routes for heavy vehicles, management of logistical constraints, ETA calculation

  • ​Optimal point sequence, on routes for commercial vehicles or heavy transport.
  • Management of logistical constraints such as: vehicle capacity, prohibitions, schedules and times, historical traffic and Real Time.
  • Calculation of routes in urban areas (for Food Service, couriers, e-commerce).
  • Exact ETA calculation and sharing along the entire supply chain.
  • The High Performance Routing algorithm is approximately 400 times faster than traditional routing.
  • Exact calculation of transportation costs including tolls, fuel, all variable costs and staff.

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API for Route Optimization: automatic transportation and delivery planning, fleet optimization

  • Automatic planning of trips and optimization of fleet use.
  • Reduction of costs and emissions.
  • Standardization of processes.
  • Management of prohibitions and restrictions on the basis of the real vehicle, including heavy vehicles, opening hours, traffic, regulations and many other restrictions.
  • Many scenarios: open trips or with return, single or multi-depot, mixed or homogeneous fleets, deliveries/collections and A-B transports.
  • Live Dispatching: tools for assisted or manual intervention, for urgencies or last-minute problems.

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