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Data as a Service includes all the necessary steps to ensure that you have access to the data you need at any time, usually via a web service. If required, we are happy to advise you in advance on data provision and integration into your specific system according to your application.

As part of this process, we will also clarify the terms of use and licensing and ensure that you only need to consider the desired use of the data you need – regardless of when or on how many end devices you want to use it.

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Access the right data at any time

Reliable provision of required data just in time: all from a single source.

For us, Data as a Service or DaaS means more than just “data delivery”: Data analysis and data management coordinated with you allow you to use and process relevant data without having to keep it or store it yourself in your own system. This is also known as “Data Science Service” today.

As an independent provider, we have a large cross-section of globally available spatial data that we can make available to you for real-time access, whether through an API or a web application.

On this basis, we support you with different cloud services and also offer solutions if you need temporally variable data with spatial reference in real-time.

Bing Maps services

Bing Maps as an innovative cloud map service from Microsoft. It is used to visualize spatial information and offers numerous application possibilities: Microsoft Bing Maps is compatible with all online platforms, and its seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies generates a dynamic display of location-based data.

As distributor for Microsoft Bing Maps in Germany, we can offer additional data and map extensions for most countries worldwide beyond the data and services already integrated in Microsoft Bing Maps, and we can also advise you on the appropriate licensing model.

Find more information on this and practical application examples on the details page:

Bing Maps Details 

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API for air quality data

If you want to integrate data on different air pollutants in order to make your application environmentally sensitive, the air quality data APIs are ideal interfaces to your system – with historical data, real-time values or forecasts for different air pollutants at any location in Germany.

We provide three interfaces for a wide variety of use cases, allowing direct access to historical air quality data, real-time and forecast values for many pollutants, or interactive features such as alerts when certain limits or exposure routing are exceeded.

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API for weather data

If you rely on local, regional or even global weather data, the weather data API is the ideal interface to your system. It gives you the answers to all weather-related questions – up to date, at any time, for any place in the world

PTV Logistics GmbH provides this interface for a wide variety of data models, enabling direct access to historical weather data via radar and satellite data, right up to continuously updated forecast data.

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PTV Entfernungswerk Straße (EWS) is a comprehensive database with more than 550,000 locations including their associated distance matrix, so distance calculations are now completely superfluous. In order to avoid the need for this database and complex data processing when integrating the required distances into your system, the EWS API is available as an alternative.

With the API, you have immediate real-time access to more than 110 million distances throughout Europe and, if required, in addition to truck kilometers, it also includes toll routes in Germany and Austria. This enables the quasi-standard for cost calculations in the transportation industry to be easily integrated into any system from CRM to ERP.

More about PTV EWS

More about EWS API

Attractive features

Licensing models for Microsoft Bing Maps

PTV Logistics GmbH offers you the right licensing models for

  • Publicly and freely accessible Internet websites
  • Intranet and extranet applications with user login
  • Tracking use with location of current position using GPS coordinates

A distinction is made between the use of Microsoft Bing Maps for developers and end users.

Microsoft Bing Maps Volume Licensing Program (ISV) for developers

  • Included in the volume licensing models of Bing Maps, is the licensed contingent of Bing Maps for business customers / developers together with the platform fee and can be divisible among your end customers. Processing does not take place via a direct contract with PTV Logistics GmbH as distributor but is concluded directly between Microsoft and the customer.

Microsoft Bing Maps Open Value Licensing Program for end users

  • In contrast to the Bing Maps licensing models for developers, the volume licensing programs for end customers, the licenses Open Value or Open Licensing, are always licensed for the individual end customer. For this reason, the quota cannot be divided among several end customers. The price per end customer consists of the fee for the platform and the total number of users / monthly transaction packages.

If you do not know which license option is right for you, we will be happy to advise you individually upon request.

Areas of application and file formats for the weather data API

The weather data API can be quickly, easily and efficiently connected to your processes using many connectors. Our standard formats csv, xml, json, png, html, grads, WMS and WFS help with this.

The API supports industries and areas of application which are often only dependent on weather data at a second glance, such as

  • Insurances / pay as you drive
  • Real estate
  • Travel portals / tourism providers
  • Civil protection
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Weather-dependent routing
  • Site evaluation for solar and wind energy

Areas of application and file formats for the air quality API

The connection to your system is simple, fast and efficient and provides hourly values on NO2, O3 and particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10). Standard formats such as GeoJSON and JSON are supported.

The API is of interest to all industries and application fields that benefit from information on pollutant concentrations, such as

  • Transport and mobility
  • Insurances / risk assessments
  • The health sector and pharmaceutics
  • Real estate evaluation
  • Sports / leisure / travel portals and tourism providers (“quantified-self” movement)
  • Education and research

Map control element Bing Maps V8

Bing Maps V8 is a powerful and developer-friendly map control element. Bing Maps V8 Control enables you to develop sophisticated BI solutions and visually display large amounts of data with significantly reduced programming effort. To add a map to an application, simply add a chart or standard control element. That saves time and costs.

Bing Maps V8 Control has various features that make business intelligence applications and data visualization more versatile and interactive:

  • Autosuggest suggests the complete address while entering the location in the search field.
  • Clustering: Points that are close together are automatically grouped together or displayed individually, depending on the zoom factor.
  • GeoJSON support: GeoJSON data can be easily imported and exported (GeoJSON is one of the most widely used file formats for transmitting and storing geographical data).
  • Heat maps: Depiction of data point density in a heat map.
  • Spatial math: Provision of numerous spatial mathematical operators for distance and area calculation as well as Boolean operators on shapes.
  • Administrative boundary data: Easy access to cartographic information in Bing Maps.

Explore the new features of our Interactive SDK and get to know the details of Bing Maps V8 Control at

Test PTV Logistics data now!

We provide test data for internal demo and test purposes to download for free.

The test data is usually available in MapInfo TAB, MIF/MID and ESRI shapefile formats.

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