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Bing Maps is an excellent way to visualize spatial references relevant to your company or customers. The cloud map service means they are compatible with all online platforms. Seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies creates a dynamic display of location-based data.

This enables you to develop significant added value to your company, whether at the interface to your customers or cooperation partners, or in order to increase the efficiency of internal sales or planning processes.

Bing Maps Show Cases

In the Use Cases section at the bottom of this page, you can also read how some of our client companies have added value by using Bing Maps and which companies we are still advising and supporting in the use of Bing Maps.

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Licensing models for Microsoft Bing Maps

PTV Logistics GmbH offers you the right licensing models for

  • Publicly and freely accessible Internet websites
  • Intranet and extranet applications with user login
  • Tracking use with location of current position using GPS coordinates

A distinction is made between the use of Microsoft Bing Maps for developers and end users.

Microsoft Bing Maps Volume Licensing Program (ISV) for developers

  • Included in the volume licensing models of Bing Maps, is the licensed contingent of Bing Maps for business customers / developers together with the platform fee and can be divisible among your end customers. Processing does not take place via a direct contract with PTV Logistics GmbH as distributor but is concluded directly between Microsoft and the customer.

Microsoft Bing Maps Open Value Licensing Program for end users

  • In contrast to the Bing Maps licensing models for developers, the volume licensing programs for end customers, the licenses Open Value or Open Licensing, are always licensed for the individual end customer. For this reason, the quota cannot be divided among several end customers. The price per end customer consists of the fee for the platform and the total number of users / monthly transaction packages.

If you do not know which license option is right for you, we will be happy to advise you individually upon request.

Map control element Bing Maps V8

Bing Maps V8 is a powerful and developer-friendly map control element. Bing Maps V8 Control enables you to develop sophisticated BI solutions and visually display large amounts of data with significantly reduced programming effort. To add a map to an application, simply add a chart or standard control element. That saves time and costs.

Bing Maps V8 Control has various features that make business intelligence applications and data visualization more versatile and interactive:

·         Autosuggest suggests the complete address while entering the location in the search field.

·         Clustering: Points that are close together are automatically grouped together or displayed individually, depending on the zoom factor.

·         GeoJSON support: GeoJSON data can be easily imported and exported (GeoJSON is one of the most widely used file formats for transmitting and storing geographical data).

·         Heat maps: Depiction of data point density in a heat map.

·         Spatial math: Provision of numerous spatial mathematical operators for distance and area calculation as well as Boolean operators on shapes.

·         Administrative boundary data: Easy access to cartographic information in Bing Maps.

Explore the new features of our Interactive SDK and get to know the details of Bing Maps V8 Control at

FAQ about Microsoft Bing Maps

Can I use Bing Maps commercially?

Yes, with correct licensing and compliance with Bing Maps’ terms of use:

How do I use Bing Maps?

You can use Bing Maps privately and also commercially in compliance with the terms of licensing and use; please also refer to the FAQs on this page. To find out how to integrate Bing Maps into your BI environment or GIS environment, refer to the overview of relevant interfaces:

How much does the Bing Maps API cost?

Depending on the application and your requirements, use may be possible free of charge; for all other cases, we will be happy to advise you on the most cost-effective license variant for your intended use.

Is it possible to get a free Bing Maps key?

What license models are available?

Depending on the use case, licenses are based on the number of users accessing the system, the transactions performed, or the number of vehicles managed. If you have any questions about licenses that are not answered on this page, please don’t hesitate to inquire.

Is Bing Maps free?

Yes, provided that usage complies with the conditions of free use. You can find the terms and conditions here:

CM4all GmbH

Use case: Small business websites today serve as a hub for integrating a wide range of digital services. CM4all has integrated a variety of such services into its website building software via API, for example booking doctors’ appointments, hotel reservations or job postings. The interactive route and location map is a must-have for many of our customers.

Platform: Bing Maps was integrated into the CM4all site builder platform via API with a convenient frontend as widget. This allows several million end users to use a route and location planner on their website.

Application: CM4all Sites – a website building software with a focus on ease of use for non-technical users.

Target group: Small and micro-entrepreneurs are the focus of our development. With the CM4all ecosystem, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to take the step towards integrated digitization.

Functionalities: We use Bing Maps as a “widget” within our building software. Users can simply drag and drop a map into a page – and configure it according to their requirements. Different layouts are available so that the map fits perfectly into their websites. Operation is simple & intuitive and requires no technical knowledge.

PST Software & Consulting GmbH

Use case: Commonly used in sales to show which products are sold where. Summary of regions etc.

Platform: Database SQL Server, .Net Windows application, integration into an intranet/extranet solution, add-on for BI systems

Application: PST-BI

Target group: Industry-independent

Functionalities: Geocoding, determination of kilometers to customers


Use case: Optimum customer call planning, for example on the basis of defined standard trips or also calendar weeks, etc. – in the sales and service fieldwork – transfer of addresses to Bing Maps, for example on the basis of the proximity search or a trip defined in SMARTCRM. This enables visualization of the locations, including display of classifications and statistical information. Also possible is the visualization of sales territories, or even route planning based on this with the display of travel time and route details, transfer of the routes to SMARTCRM including the automatic generation of customer call appointments and planning activities in SMARTCRM or assignment of addresses to trips in SMARTCRM

Platform: Windows (c#)

Application: SMARTCRM (SMARTCRM.GeoMap module)

Target group: Medium-sized companies from industry and the B2B trade

Functionalities: Automatic geocoding, visualization of address locations, route calculation

T.A.G. Software GmbH

Use case: Trip planning and route optimization – individually, or also with a connection to existing systems (individual interface development)

Platform: Internally-developed software product for trip planning and route optimization. An Excel interface is included as a standard interface, but we are able to program a wide variety of interfaces individually, because we are entirely independent.

Application: vai logis

Target group: All industries that have extremely dynamic trips or have to plan a high number of addresses on their trips

Functionalities: Geocoding, distances, truck routing

TSI Telematik Services GmbH

Use case: Scheduling & invoicing of fieldwork, monitoring of equipment, processes, employees, etc., documentation, management of micro-devices.

Platform: Own web application for customers

Application: TSI Monitor

Target group: Customers are from all industries or companies (primarily with vehicles, but also without), as well as freelancers and self-employed persons with a vehicle, for example for keeping an automatic driver’s logbook.

Functionalities: Geocoding and visualization of trips.

Vallon GmbH

Use case: Linking measurement data to aerial imagery for verification and documentation. 

Platform: A custom software for PC with WPF/.NET.

Application: Vallon EVA4ALL

Target group: Unexploded ordnance detection companies, geologists.

Functionalities: Aerial imagery as background.

YellowMap AG

Use case: Location finder of all kinds: for websites (mobile or desktop) as branch finder, ATM finder, real estate finder, POI finder etc. Best possible allocation of resources (how to get there, modes of transport, territory divisions e.g., in sales) and much more.

Platform: YellowMap’s Bing Maps applications can be used both as a ready-to-run application or built by customers themselves using our JS-API. There is a high level of freedom in both cases. Integration into a public website, use in an extranet solution, ...

Application: The Bing Maps can be accessed either through YellowMap’s JS-API, product name “JS-API”, or if provided through us as an application, the base product is the “YellowMap Map Technology”.

Target group: YellowMap and its solutions provide services across all industries. During our more than 20 years of experience, we have developed a strong representation, especially in the financial sector, insurance and retail.

Functionalities: Proximity searches and/or calculations according to actual road kilometers required, geocoding of addresses worldwide, display of satellite and aerial images, routing directions including calculation of required travel time, integration of addresses/location data, display of areas...

Some of the companies we advise and support concerning the use of Bing Maps:

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