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Keeping road mileage under control with EWS

The distance tables PTV Entfernungswerk Straße (EWS) provide you with the precise kilometre distances between destinations in Europe, in Germany and Austria, also with kilometres and distances on toll roads.

From 2023, a comprehensively revised version of the EWS includes new features and functional benefits.

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Precise distance kilometers

With the EWS, distance and toll kilometers in Europe calculate themselves.

With the distance tables available from PTV Logistics in ASCII format, professional determination of distances for any routes within Europe can be integrated into information systems on almost all platforms. This makes them just as valuable for route optimization as they are for any transport cost calculation.

The distance tables PTV Entfernungswerk Straße (EWS) contain almost 560,000 locations throughout Europe for determining the precise distance between any two places. For distances within Germany, the EWS Germany has become the quasi-standard in the long-distance haulage industry.

For Switzerland, we also offer the ASTAG distance tables. They quickly and reliably provide distances in road mileage between any origin and destination.

PTV EWS distance tables

With the EWS 2.0 distance tables, you have direct access to distances between more than 116,000 locations in Germany alone. EWS Europe even contains a total of almost 560,000 locations. Since the discontinuation of the long-distance freight tariff (GFT) in 1994, it has become the standard in Germany, despite it not being an official authoritative basis.

The EWS is a comprehensive database including the distance matrix associated with the recorded locations; so, a distance calculation in the actual sense is no longer necessary.

We also provide an EWS API for seamless integration into modern cloud systems.

Individual distance matrices

If you are only interested in the distances of a fixed number of routes, we can also provide you with individual distance matrices with distances shown to the nearest point. Included are the postcodes and city names of the required locations with the precise distance to the respective base locations defined by you, mostly down to the house number level.

If required, we can also show the toll road distances or calculate truck and car distances based on different routing profiles.

ASTAG distance tables

The ASTAG distance tables are the standard reference for the professional determination of distances on Swiss roads. The basis of the distance matrix is the official data from the Swiss commercial vehicle association, also known as ASTAG.

These distance tables, especially for Switzerland, thus correspond to the EWS distance tables most commonly used for Germany or Austria in terms of quality and possible applications.

Attractive features

Integration into your system platform

Thanks to the ASCII format, data can be easily integrated into EDP-supported information systems on almost all platforms (Windows, AIX, HP-UX, etc.). We also offer an EWS API for seamless integration into modern cloud systems.

Calculation of toll charges for Austria

For cross-border transportation to Austria, we also offer EWS Toll Austria, which takes all highway sections with toll charges in the Alpine country into account.

Detailed information on PTV EWS

Distance tables PTV Entfernungswerk Straße (EWS)


PTV Logistics GmbH / Dr. Malek Software GmbH

Short description

The shortest route is not always the most time-efficient, and the fastest route is not always the most cost-effective. The PTV Entfernungswerk Straße (EWS) distance tables have been the basis of calculations for transport services since the discontinuation of the GFT (long-distance freight tariff) and have established itself as a quasi-standard in the industry.


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Country coverage

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The actuality of the data set

December 2023



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