CO2 Emission Classes for Truck Tolls: PTV Logistics Now Enables Advance Calculation of New Toll Prices in Germany and Austria

Karlsruhe, 29 November 2023. PTV Logistics today announced the availability of a new toll calculation in PTV Map&Guide and PTV Developer products for Germany and Austria. This enhanced functionality is based on the official announcements of toll rates from Germany and Austria. The update allows customers to calculate their costs based on the new toll fees and reliably estimate the resulting costs in advance.


The new toll calculation enhancement offers companies a practical solution to respond to the legal requirements in Germany and Austria in a timely manner. In Germany, the introduction of CO2 emission classes for truck tolls will come into effect on December 1, 2023. The new toll tariff regulation in Austria, which also involves the introduction of a tariff for traffic-related CO2 emissions, will take effect in 2024.

Customers that use PTV Map&Guide, or PTV Developer, receive updated toll predictions and accurate toll prices at any time. Multiple factors such as vehicle type, distance traveled, and time of day are all factored into the toll calculation for customers. Accurate toll prices are a critical factor in professional route planning. Toll costs can represent a significant portion of total transportation costs and therefore have a significant impact on the financial decisions of companies.

“With the developer components from PTV Logistics, we have been able to reliably calculate toll costs for years,” says Thomas Pentza, IT-Leiter of Geis-Gruppe Deutschland. “We always have the current tariffs, sometimes even before they come into effect, so that we can calculate our offers precisely in advance.”

“We believe that the new toll calculation enhancements in PTV Map&Guide and PTV Developer will help our customers save money and time to ultimately have a positive impact on their business profitability and sustainability goals,” says Knuth Sexauer, Chief Commercial Officer, PTV Logistics.

The new toll calculator enhancement in PTV Map&Guide and PTV Developer is now available to customers.

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