Truck routing

The Transport Cost Calculator PTV Map&Guide

Ordinary truck route planners give you limited options to efficiently plan your resources and calculate the transportation costs. This leads to miscalculated freight quotes and eventually to higher costs for your business. The transport cost calculator PTV Map&Guide, on the other hand, calculates your transport costs reliably – down to the penny.

This is done with detailed consideration of vehicle parameters, travel and rest times, toll costs, and many other factors. Simply create your vehicle profiles, enter your desired margin, start routing - and the transport cost calculator will do the rest. You can then insert the result directly to your offer. 

The calculated transport costs also provide you with a reliable basis for important business decisions:

  • Get an overview of the profitability of potential orders.
  • Compare different scenarios.
  • Set optimal freight rates and prices.
  • Calculate if sub-contracting an order is more profitable.
  • Identify potential savings.

Vehicle costs

Before calculating your truck transport costs, you need to first create individual vehicle profiles for your fleet. This is quick and easy: Simply insert your fixed costs, i.e. the price per kilometer or hour into the software. You can add further parameters, such as stops at stations, driving times and rest breaks, as well as mileage rates or tariff zone models. This data is then automatically taken into account during route planning and transport cost calculation.


Calculation of personnel costs and minimum wage

In addition to vehicle costs, personnel costs are also essential for an accurate calculation basis. However, especially in the case of transnational operations, the calculation can quickly become complex. With PTV Map&Guide, you can calculate the wages of your drivers in accordance with the law throughout Europe. If there is an individual hourly wage, simply enter it. This is compared with the minimum wage requirements of the relevant countries. If your drivers receive the minimum wage, the software calculates your costs independently.

Truck toll costs

Truck tolls can make up a big chunk of the transportation costs. The PTV Map&Guide database therefore has extensive route- and vehicle-related toll data for the whole of Europe. Included are not only toll rates for highways and motorways, but also special tolls for bridges, tunnels, pass roads or ferries, and more. On this basis, the software calculates the expected tolls accurately and reliably.

Billing standard "PTV Map&Guide Kilometer"

The "PTV Map&Guide Kilometer" has established itself across Europe as a billing standard for road freight transport. Calculations, quotations and invoices based on this standard are widely accepted and are comparable. This reduces price negotiations and discussions with customers and freight forwarders. It also ensures more trust and transparency along the supply chain.

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