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Truck tolls account for a big chunk of transport costs and are critical to the profitability of an order. To address this, the integrated toll cost calculator from PTV Map&Guide includes exact toll rates. It provides you with information on the exact costs for your vehicles and planned routes. This allows you to send your customers precise and quick offers and keep an eye on the associated toll costs per country. In addition, you can specifically avoid toll routes when routing and compare different routing alternatives in terms of transport cost and travel time.

Reliable and precise toll cost calculation for your trucks

The PTV Map&Guide toll database has extensive route- and vehicle-related toll data for Germany, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, and the rest of Europe. Included are not only toll roads and motorways but also special tolls for bridges, tunnels and pass roads.

The truck toll is often calculated according to different factors (Euro emission class, tons, axles) and other vehicle characteristics. The PTV Map&Guide toll cost calculator therefore determines the tolls accurately and ensures precise and reliable results.


Always the most updated truck toll rates and tariffs

With PTV Map&Guide, manual and time-consuming research on toll rates is a thing of the past. Our data department monitors the regulations of individual countries and provides you with new rates as soon as possible through the software - usually weeks before they come into effect. This way, you can also precisely calculate the truck toll for future journeys and create forward-looking offers. The old toll rates remain in the database to enable you to compare prices with previous journeys.

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