What can PTV Logistics data be used for, and how?

Guide to our spatial and market data

We couldn’t imagine a world today without spatially referenced data – and much of it is freely available on the Internet.

However, when it comes to professional purposes, a lot needs to be taken into account regarding quality, licensing rights or compatibility with your applications. The most important points to consider can be found here in our guidance sections.

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PTV Data
Spatial data guide

With the right spatial reference, all of your corporate data can be evaluated and planned more effectively. This guide shows you what you need to consider.

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PTV Data
Guide to market data

Whether for marketing activities, location or territory planning: Get better results using the right market data. Read our Guide.

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How and for what do I use mobility data?
Guide to mobility data

This is how you use mobility data with movement flows, aspects of trip planning, location accessibility and more.

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PTV Data
Guide to Data as a Service

Data as a Service is becoming increasingly important as a cloud-based data source. Learn about the advantages of DaaS.

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