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Guide to Data as a Service

Data as a Service is becoming increasingly important as a cloud-based data source.

This guide answers the most frequently asked questions about getting the most of it. 

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What is DaaS?

DaaS stands for Data as a Service and refers to the provision of data via a web interface. The required data is loaded directly to your application from this interface.

How does DaaS work?

As a rule, a so-called API (application programming interface) is used. Other interfaces are Web Map Services (WMS), Web Map Tile Services (WMTS) or Web Feature Services (WFS).



What are the advantages of DaaS?

The required data does not have to be kept in a separate system, but is provided flexibly as a real-time data service. It is therefore not only more cost-effective, but also meets common conformity conditions.

What does “Big Data as a Service” (BDaaS) mean?

Big Data as a Service generally refers to the provision of tools and data platforms by a provider in the cloud. This enables companies to process, manage and analyze even large volumes of data without implementing and maintaining their own platform. PTV Logistics GmbH also supports and advises on the use of such business intelligence systems and provides the appropriate spatial data for them.

Can I combine different DaaS offers with each other?

In fact, depending on the system used, a wide range of different APIs can be incorporated into an application in such a way that the results derived from them can be combined.




Are there any limitations in the performance or accessibility of the data services?

Depending on the provider, there are different SLAs (service level agreements), which may also regulate restrictions on access frequency, duration or scope.




What licensing models are there for DaaS?

In general, there is a distinction between user-based, asset-based or transaction-based models. Depending on the use case, PTV Logistics GmbH can, in principle, offer DaaS according to each of the three models.





May content from data services be downloaded or stored?

Depending on the selected license model and the product-related terms of use, local storage of data and results is permitted by many providers.




Is DaaS more expensive than raw data?

Due to the large number of different applications and scopes of services offered by DaaS, it is not possible to make a blanket statement here. In most use cases, however, the use of DaaS is less expensive than the use of raw data – not least because DaaS is usually “ready to use” and no longer needs to be processed or aggregated in any other way.




Is DaaS available for the whole of the world?

PTV Logistics GmbH has a number of DaaS offers for all countries worldwide, in some cases with different coverage options depending on the continent.





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