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Embarking all supply chain actors on a quest to real-time transport visibility – a lesson from Fileni Group

The Fileni Group is a major player in the national poultry and rabbit sector with a turnover of 531 million Euro. The company handles around 3,000 daily deliveries, reaching more than 9,400 customers every month. In addition to these, 80 trips are made daily for the internal supply chain (bringing feed to the farms, transporting animals within sites).

Real-time visibility of transport with PTV Axylog

For the Fileni Group, optimisation and management of distribution logistics are crucial. "We have no more than 16 hours from the receipt of an order to the delivery of the finished product throughout the entire country. Being able to manage such a tight lead time, having real-time visibility of the goods being delivered, and ensuring a high level of service are crucial factors for success.” says Logistics Director Andrea Ceccantini. “Before using PTV Logistics' technologies, the information needed to monitor the progress of each shipment travelled via telephone or e-mail and only reported anomalies were detected. We were not aware of our service level, and as a result, we lacked a clear perception of what we were doing right and what we could and should have done better. We therefore needed to implement a system that would help us to have greater, continuous and in-depth visibility of the logistics flow as a whole and in detail, from the moment an order leaves our factory until it arrives at its final destination.”

A scalable and interconnected traceability solution

"From the IT point of view," says Roberta D'Angelo, Head of IT  "it was imperative that the solution was scalable for the Fileni Group which aims to have total control of its entire supply chain. We needed a stable solution, easy to implement and widely adopted or adoptable not only within the food world.”

"PTV Axylog interacts and connects with the external systems used by all the suppliers and all the logistics partners working with Fileni. Our strength lies in the great openness of the platform, in its simplicity, which makes it easy and immediate to use. PTV Axylog allows almost instantaneous tracking of all shipments, offering a complete, real-time view of any issues that arise during transport or claims triggered at destination" describes Fabrizio Petrini, Project Manager of PTV Group.

The result: better customer service and involved partners

"Since we have started using PTV Axylog, we have a greater awareness of our strength, as well as of areas of weakness where we need to focus our energies towards improvement. Furthermore, the immediate availability of information enables us to respond more accurately and promptly to customer and sales force requests.” says Andrea Ceccantini. “Thanks to PTV Axylog, we have certified our level of service, something that is by no means taken for granted: if we exclude the world of express couriers, logistics is not trained in the use of digital systems. Then there is the 'fear' on the part of the carrier and driver that solutions of this type can waste their time and, even worse, that they can be controlled through them. We have worked hard to make our partners understand that the objective is to monitor the transport process in order to understand what works and what we need to improve, where and what the difficulties are in order to overcome them together.”


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Real-time transport visibility
Improved Customer Service
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Better collaboration with partners and carriers
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Standardized processes and increased service level

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