Success story

With real-time overview, retail chain achieves logistics efficiency

Codè Crai Ovest is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Northwest Italy, with 357 stores and annual sales of over 330 million euros.

The company uses PTV Group’s technologies across its vast transportation activities. Since 2018 it operates route planning software PTV Route Optimiser, and PTV Axylog - a cloud-based solution for real-time control and performance analysis of the entire transportation process.

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"PTV's technology is a winner for all the key players: drivers, partners, and also those in the background who manage back office and customer service issues", says Giuseppe Mariella, the company’s Logistics Director.

The 357 stores need to be served daily. Every morning, 100 trucks deliver them 70,000 packages of goods from the company’s distribution center in the town of Leini. Codè Crai Ovest needed to consolidate this process as much as possible and align it with today's changing needs.

 “We specifically chose PTV software, to get support for route planning and optimization, and to better service our customers - without increasing our transportation costs too much", says Marco Bonini, the company’s General Manager.

The introduction of PTV Axylog meant the company could review all its logistics processes. With this solution, “we refine and develop processes to the best of our ability'', says Walter Bisca, a Project Manager, “We work hard to optimize and maximize vehicle load capacity, while responding to the needs of our outlets and carriers”.

Managing the fleet became easier by integrating PTV Axylog and PTV Route Optimiser: The company has real-time overview on the availability of vehicles, on restrictions in the areas where they deliver goods, and so many other variables. “Our control room knows exactly where every single vehicle in the fleet is located”, says Mariella.

Giuseppe Mariella: "All our drivers and employees achieved great proficiency of using PTV Axylog. This drives Codè Crai Ovest toward a true digital transformation. For example, any dispute at a point of sale is now handled in real time. Let’s say there is a damaged package: Its photo is taken by the driver or the point of sale, and immediately sent with notes to the center in Leini, where operators can act”.

According to Daniele Barbagiovanni, Codè Crai Ovest Information Systems Manager, “Adopting PTV Axylog and PTV Route Optimiser enabled us not only to offer better service in terms of punctuality and vehicle and traceability; but also to improve quality, which is at the heart of our business objectives".

The Results

Benefit tile Optima traffic condition forecast update real-time
Real-time visibility of all logistics and distribution processes
Warehouse Truck
Dematerialization, pallet management and digital management of anomalies
Field service management software benefits: Customers
Better customer service: More punctuality and visibility

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