PTV Developer Expands Map Offerings with OpenStreetMap Integration

OpenStreetMap: The Perfect Match for Urban Logistics

In the dynamic world of urban logistics, innovation is crucial for sustainable business success. Companies that continuously optimize their processes, shorten delivery times, and reliably meet deadlines can significantly enhance the customer experience and retain customers for their delivery services.


The logistics industry is witnessing a massive increase in delivery volumes, particularly in urban areas, necessitating a rethink of logistics routes. With the rise in parcel, food, and consignment deliveries, different types of vehicles are being utilized more frequently. Groceries and drugstore items are often transported on cargo bikes accessing residential streets and bike paths. Bike couriers on racing bikes use one-way streets in the opposite direction, and the use of e-scooters for deliveries is steadily increasing. Each of these transport modes places specific demands on the road network and the planning of logistics services.

This is where PTV Developer comes in, offering a platform with powerful APIs that add important logistical and geographical functions to software solutions. These APIs can be flexibly combined, customized, and easily scaled, enabling companies to enhance the efficiency of their logistics operations and gain a competitive edge.

Enhanced Mapping Capabilities with OpenStreetMap

PTV Developer is now expanding its offering: In addition to the well-established PTV Map, the extensive, worldwide map material from OpenStreetMap (OSM) is now available. This provides companies with additional options for accessing precise and up-to-date map data and integrating it into their systems.

With PTV Developer, developers can now choose the maps best suited to their specific use cases. Whether a map optimized for cars or trucks or a map specially adapted for bicycles, scooters, or cargo bikes is required, it depends on the individual logistics service's needs.

To plan and optimize the best routes in cities with new modes of transport, using OSM data is essential. The detailed and up-to-date map material from OSM enables precise routing and route planning tailored to the needs of modern urban logistics.


Adapting to Urban Logistics with Customized Solutions

The integration of OpenStreetMap into PTV Developer marks an important step in adapting to the fast-paced world of urban logistics. With customized solutions for the specific requirements of different modes of transport, PTV Developer ensures that companies can efficiently and effectively master their logistics challenges.

By leveraging the power of PTV Developer's APIs and the extensive data from OpenStreetMap, businesses can optimize their logistics processes, reduce costs, and significantly improve their customer experience. This integration empowers companies to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of urban logistics.

To try out our first version with our OSM showcase integrating several of our OSM services. Take a look at the concepts or use the various code samples and detailed API specifications.

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