Important Update: PTV Logistics Not Affected by Critical Vulnerability in GeoTool

We are pleased to inform you that PTV Logistics products are not affected by a recently identified critical vulnerability in GeoTools, an open-source Java library providing tools for geospatial data. According to the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), this vulnerability has been rated as critical (9.8/10). You can read more about it here.


Impact on PTV Logistics Products

While GeoTools is used in some PTV Logistics products, we have confirmed that our products do not utilize the specific vulnerable component (gt-complex-x.y.jar) implicated in this CVE. The following PTV products are not affected by this vulnerability:

  • PTV xServer internet 2
  • PTV xServer 2.x (on prem)
  • PTV xServer internet 1
  • PTV xServer 1.3x (on prem)
  • PTV TLN planner internet
  • PTV Developer
  • PTV Route Optimiser CL
  • PTV Route Optimiser ST
  • PTV Drive&Arrive
  • PTV Map&Guide internet
  • PTV Map&Guide intranet

All other PTV products such as: PTV Navigator (G2), PTV OptiFlow, PTV Axylog, and PTV EV Truck Route Planner are also not affected, as these products do not use GeoTools. 

Proactive Mitigation

Even though our products are not affected, we have prepared updates for the GeoTools component. These updates will be included in the next releases of our products to ensure continued security and peace of mind.

We remain committed to providing secure and reliable solutions and will continue to monitor and address any potential vulnerabilities. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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