PTV Logistics in motion: product innovation and strategic positioning

Over the past 12 months, the PTV Group has invested heavily in expanding its logistics product portfolio. This began in July 2022 with the acquisition of Axylog, a specialist in transport visibility solutions. This was followed in December 2022 by the merger with Conundra, a provider of advanced SaaS route optimisation software. What has happened since then? We answer some of the most frequently asked questions.


What is the reason for the acquisitions?

The two investors behind PTV Group, Bridgepoint and Porsche SE, have expressed their ambition to strengthen PTV's position in the logistics market. The plan is to further expand the product portfolio so that PTV can offer its customers full support from planning to execution. PTV already has several well-established products in this area. With the addition of PTV Axylog to the portfolio, PTV's customers now have access to modern software for real-time transport visibility. The recent merger with Conundra has given customers access to a route optimisation SaaS solution with planning algorithms that can further reduce costs and emissions. In short, with the Axylog and Conundra solutions, PTV has become a one-stop shop from planning to execution for both shippers and carriers.

What does Conundra offer that PTV did not yet have?

With PTV Route Optimiser ST, PTV already has a good route optimisation system for small and medium-sized companies. Conundra's OptiFlow system has groundbreaking algorithms and excels at automatically planning large numbers of routes for large or complex plannings. By joining forces with Conundra, PTV can offer a suitable planning solution for any company that carries out or outsources transport. An additional benefit: OptiFlow is a fully cloud-based planning system available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

What has happened since the acquisition of Axylog and the merger with Conundra?

As announced in January, PTV Group has been split into two independently operating companies. The mobility division has been united with the US-company Econolite under the new brand Umovity, led by Christian Haas, former CEO of the entire PTV Group. The logistics divisions, including those of Conundra and Axylog have been combined under the PTV Logistics brand. This company is headed by Steven De Schrijver, former CEO, and co-founder of Conundra. PTV Logistics has created a company that can focus exclusively on the future challenges in the supply chain, with a focus on reducing transport costs and emissions.

Who leads PTV Logistics?

As mentioned above, PTV Logistics is led by Steven De Schrijver, former CEO and co-founder of Conundra. He is supported by a highly experienced management team. The full management team consists of:

  • Steven De Schrijver, Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  • An De Wispelaere, Chief Product Officer (CPO)
  • Knuth Sexauer, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
  • Andrea Petti, Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • Etienne Marinus, Head of Finance
  • Arshaad Ramdjan, Director of Global Marketing
  • Catharina Wagner, Senior HR Business Partner

What is the current product portfolio of PTV Logistics?

From planning to execution, PTV Logistics now offers several solutions, including:

  • OptiFlow: A cloud-based solution for route optimisation.
  • PTV Route Optimiser ST: An on-premises route optimisation system.
  • TLNplanner/PTV Map&Guide: A widely used route planning and transport cost calculation solution.
  • PTV Navigator G2: An updated navigation system, developed in cooperation with TomTom, to help drivers execute planned routes.
  • PTV Axylog: A transport control tower with a driver app that allows planners to monitor the execution of all planned routes and intervene if necessary.
  • PTV Developer: A comprehensive set of APIs that allows shippers, carriers, and software developers to integrate the algorithms and functionality of all PTV solutions into their own software.

Will OptiFlow and PTV Route Optimiser ST co-exist for the time being?

Yes. Both route optimisation systems have a different focus and target audience. OptiFlow has been developed for large or complex situations with many routes that are looking for an automated route optimisation solution. Route Optimiser ST is of particular interest to companies that, for whatever reason, have not yet been able to implement fully automatic route optimisation. Behind the scenes, the former PTV and Conundra development teams are working closely together to further strengthen the route optimisation offering. For example, Route Optimiser ST includes functionality that will be of interest to OptiFlow users. 

What can PTV Logistics customers expect in the near future?

PTV Logistics will of course continue to invest in the development and integration of all its solutions, so that customers have a complete product portfolio at their disposal. With products that are fully aligned, speak the same language, and have the same look and feel. The goal: fully integrated solutions from planning to execution for both shippers and carriers.

The completely updated version of PTV Navigator has now been launched. Meanwhile, the developers are working hard at work on a completely new version of PTV Map&Guide/TLNplanner, the system for planning routes and calculating transport costs and emissions.

PTV released the new tool: EV Truck Route Planner, your solution to plan and calculate your electric fleet routes. With our comprehensive catalogue of eTrucks & eVans in Europe, you are able to compare their performance and range to take the first step towards decarbonising your fleet. Test it yourself for free now! 

In the future, OptiFlow's groundbreaking algorithms will also be available as APIs within PTV Developer. We are seeing more and more organizations asking if OptiFlow will also be available as an API. The need to have everything within one system is growing. We would like to help these organizations with an OptiFlow API.

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