PTV Logistics Announces Elmar Weber as Chief Financial Officer

Karlsruhe, Germany. April 9, 2024– PTV Logistics is pleased to announce the appointment of Elmar Weber as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With a strong track record in financial management, strategic planning, and business optimization, Elmar brings a dynamic skill set that aligns with the company growth objectives.

Elmar has extensive financial leadership experience across start-ups, mid-sized companies, and large global corporations. Beyond traditional finance roles, Elmar has actively contributed to business strategy development and new product initiatives, collaborating closely with customers and stakeholders.

His passion for optimization and leveraging technology, particularly in cloud and SAAS migrations, reflects a forward-thinking approach to financial management.


Prior to joining PTV Logistics, Elmar served as the CFO/Managing Director of compleet group GmbH. Notably, he played a pivotal role in the successful merger of six medium-sized companies within the HR tech sector.

“Not only does PTV Logistics possess a long-standing tradition of groundbreaking achievements, but the strategic integration of its history with the mergers of cutting-edge startup and scale-up SaaS companies creates an ideal blend that fuels our growth and a deepens the commitment to its customers,” said Elmar Weber, Chief Financial Officer, PTV Logistics. “Together with the talented team at PTV Logistics, I’m looking forward to continuing in the strong tradition of financial stewardship with an eye towards overall growth and expansion.”

“Elmar brings impressive experience, strategic acumen, and commitment to efficiency through technology which aligns perfectly with our vision for the future,” said Steven de Schrijver, Chief Executive Officer, PTV Logistics. “We are confident that Elmar will play a key role, together with our leadership team, as we chart a bold path of innovation and growth. I am excited to see Elmar join forces with our dynamic leadership team as we embark on an audacious journey of innovation and expansion.”

Elmar Weber holds a Business degree from IBS, International Business School, Lippstadt, Germany.

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