PTV Italia Logistics: 10th Anniversary!

2023 is a special year for PTV Italia Logistics as we celebrate our 10th anniversary in business. Between digital maps and innovative routing algorithms, together we have come a long way!

In 2013, some young engineers coming from common work experience took over the leadership of the newly formed PTV Italia Logistics. They did this with great commitment, professionalism, enthusiasm and passion.

During these first 10 years, new colleagues have joined and others have chosen new paths. Not only collaborators, but suppliers, partners, and customers, have followed us and supported us, even in challenging times. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone.


There have been many projects on which we have worked together this is continuing with innovative ideas for the future. PTV Italia Logistics has seen its turnover, offices and customer satisfaction grow. To share this important milestone, on 1st & 2nd September 2023 we celebrated the anniversary together in Umbria, in Perugia, where it all began.

The party took place after a morning of meetings between the various work teams and saw alternating moments of sport, conviviality, and socialisation to strengthen relationships and thank all the members of our wonderful team!

Thank you very much to everyone present for the valuable time spent together. We thank Steven De Schrijver, Andrea Petti, Knuth Sexauer, Paul Simon-Thomas, Annette Jacobs and Christine Tessier for joining us in the party and in the various initiatives organised.

Happy 10th Birthday PTV Italia Logistics!