Partnership between PTV Logistics and infas LT

PTV Logistics, a leading provider of logistics solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with infas LT. infas LT, a distinguished firm in the geoinformation technology sector, will employ software components from PTV Logistics to enhance its easymap product. This enhancement allows infas LT to integrate extensive functionalities of PTV Logistics into its own products.


easymap by infas LT is an innovative software solution that aids businesses in efficiently capturing, visualizing, and analyzing geographical information. The incorporation of PTV's robust components expands easymap's capabilities in route planning and presents infas LT's customers with even more diverse opportunities to optimize their business processes.

"The partnership with PTV Logistics is a significant step for us," said Philipp Borgschulte, the Managing Director and Authorized Signatory at infas LT. "By integrating PTV solutions into our easymap platform, we are providing our customers with an even more comprehensive solution. Collaborating with PTV Logistics allows us to benefit from their expertise in route planning and offer even greater value to our customers."

The synergy of technologies between PTV Logistics and infas LT creates an innovative solution that supports companies in effectively addressing their field service organization challenges. The enhanced features of easymap, combined with PTV components, provide businesses with a comprehensive approach to making informed decisions and increasing their efficiency.

The partnership between PTV Logistics and infas LT represents a strong alliance between two industry leaders in the geoinformation technology sector. Together, they will pool their expertise to offer top-tier solutions to their customers and promote the advancement of forward-looking innovations.

About infas LT:

A subsidiary of infas Holding AG and in close collaboration with infas 360 GmbH, infas LT acts as the competency leader for desktop and web-based software and database developments within the infas group of companies. They are responsible for the development of standard products and the realization of bespoke solutions. Central to their mission is the targeted analysis and intelligent visualization of data in charts, tables, and maps.

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Axel Koch - PTV Logistics (l) & Philipp Borgschulte - infas LT (r)