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Dynamic Demographics

Commuter traffic flows based on the time of day

The four maps show the traffic flows of working women between the ages of 25 and 34 who commute from their place of residence (“Origin”) to their workplace in Frankfurt (“Destination”).

The basis of this is the dynamic demographics data supplied by our partner precisely. It can be used to depict commuter traffic specific to the time of day according to the population as a whole, but also divided according to categories such as gender, age or consumer style and lifestyle.


2022 precisely / 2023 PTV Logistics GmbH

Residents, commuters and tourists

Population during day and night at street segment level

The map shows the population during the day and night at the street segment level. Night population values indicate how many people live in the area. The daytime population includes all people who spend time in the area during the day, therefore also taking commuters and tourists into account. City centres are usually characterised by a predominance of daytime population, while purely residential areas are characterised by a larger nighttime population.


2023 PTV Logistics GmbH / Acxiom Deutschland GmbH

Indicators of lifestyle

Sinus-Milieus at 100 m grid level

The map shows the dominant Sinus-Milieus for the Düsseldorf area with an enlarged section of the city center in 100 m resolution. Sinus-Milieus is a classification of the resident population into lifestyles and cultural attitudes that allow much more precise statements about consumer habits or behaviors than purely statistical or socio-demographic indicators, especially for marketing purposes.


2023 PTV Logistics GmbH / Michael Bauer Mikromarketing GmbH

Population density in the Baden-Baden area

PTV Data Grid with a resolution of 100 m x 100 m

The map shows the PTV Data Grid with a resolution of 100 m x 100 m in the Baden-Baden area, on the left as a pure grid, on the right with cells colored on the basis of absolute population numbers. In addition, the percentages of different gender and age groups are also available. Percentages can be provided in 17 age groups per gender and also for the total population. We also offer grids with coarser resolutions such as 500 m x 500 m.


2023 PTV Logistics GmbH / Microsoft Bing (left)

2023 PTV Logistics GmbH / Microsoft Bing / Maxar / CNES Distribution Airbus DS / TomTom (right)

Health risks caused by air pollution

Risk index for respiratory diseases

The map shows the risk of developing COPD or asthma based on regional air pollution levels in 6 classes. The display, which has the option of showing the total risk over the last three years or a combination of weekday and month, is based on data from HawaDawa, a partner of PTV Logistics GmbH.


2022 Leaflet / OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA

Points of interest in Magdeburg

Universities, schools, day nurseries

The map shows the universities, schools and kindergartens or day nurseries in Magdeburg. The map is based on data from the PTV Universities and PTV Schools and Kindergartens packages.


2023 PTV Logistics GmbH

Fluctuations in sales outlets

PTV Points of Sale (PoS)

The map shows the fluctuations in POS data compared to the year before. It can be seen at a glance in which districts the number of sales outlets is generally rising and in which it is generally dropping.


2023 PTV Logistics GmbH

Proven traffic volume model

PTV Validate

The map shows the traffic volumes around the Frankfurt Northwest interchange. The map was generated using data from the traffic volume model PTV Validate.


2023 PTV Logistics GmbH

Boundaries of administrative areas

PTV Districts

The map contains a sample view of PTV Districts for Karlsruhe. In addition to the city districts, we also have a number of other administrative or statistical area boundaries in our offer.


2023 PTV Logistics GmbH

Street data also for China

GeoJunxion road network

The map shows a section of the GeoJunxion road network for China. We can deliver the GeoJunxion road network for almost all countries worldwide in different levels of detail.


2023 PTV Logistics GmbH / GeoJunxion

Raster data for Bulgaria

PTV Data Grid

The map shows the PTV Data Grid package at the Bulgaria section. The raster data is particularly suitable for geographical analyses and is available in various raster sizes.


2023 PTV Logistics GmbH

Area boundaries for Berlin

PTV Postcode Boundaries

The map contains the PTV Postcode Boundaries of the Berlin urban area. In addition to the 5-digit postcode boundaries used here, we also provide 8-digit postcode boundaries. Both can be enhanced with a wide range of population or demand level data.


2023 PTV Logistics GmbH

Business demand level data

Number of businesses

The map shows the number of businesses in total and according to size classes for the Karlsruhe region of technology at 8-digit postcode level as a section from the package PTV PLZ8 Germany XXL package. Such data and similar is also included in the business demand level data and can be combined with different area boundaries.


2023 PTV Logistics GmbH / microm GmbH

Basis of sales planning

Purchasing power data

The map shows the purchasing power density at district level for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For purchasing power density, the purchasing power total per square kilometer is extrapolated on the basis of purchasing power data from previous years. We provide this data in cooperation with the market research institute GfK as a data partner.


2022 GfK SE

How much Germans like to travel

Affinity for travel

The map depicts the travel affinity of Germans according to postcode area. It is easy to see here that people who live in large cities or conurbation areas have a greater tendency to go on vacation than those who live in rural areas. Since this data is available at a level of postcode areas, it can be used to draw interesting conclusions, for example, for regional marketing activities, especially during the peak travel season. In our socio-economic data you will find a wide range of other data about lifestyle habits, purchasing behavior or other socio-demographic aspects.


2022 panadress marketing intelligence GmbH

Number and density of businesses

Business spots

The map shows the business spots, i.e., the number of companies per km² and according to workforce size, for the Southern Palatinate / Northern Baden region in Germany. The darker the blue an area is colored and the larger the size and number of red-yellow circles it has, the more active it is as a business spot. In addition to the business spots, we are able to provide numerous other business potential data.


2023 PTV Logistics GmbH / microm GmbH

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