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Zoom! 02/2020

Data monetization II: Get more out of your data

  • Data as a Service Day

  • Creating added value: Data enhancement as the key to data monetization

  • DM & ...: Examples of added value using data monetization

  • PTV Data Grid: Ideal basis for data enhancement

  • PTV Data Grid: Features, system and advantages

  • Mobility of the future: How PTV Data Grid helps

  • The drive for data scientists: Advanced technologies for successful market work

  • Very satisfied: New insights from the Internet for the B2B sector

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Zoom! 01/2020

A clear view: The many different levels of a location

  • Schools, universities and kindergartens: Data basis for answering a wide range of questions
  • “SimCity” for professionals: Senozon for location planning
  • Plug & Play: Complex analyses for everyone using Alteryx
  • The digital twin: Machine learning and forecasts for location planning
  • Get ahead with the latest data: Points of sales for location planning
  • From a different perspective: Two viewpoints on location analysis


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Zoom! 03/2019

Data monetization: Your data & spatial reference – create value, increase value

  • Old wine in new wineskins? Data monetization – what the term means
  • Click-and-buy or subscription? Marketing high-quality products on the Internet
  • And you thought it couldn’t move: This is how mobile purchasing power can be
  • Where from, where to, how long: What the intelligent use of mobile data can offer
  • Let’s talk return on investments: The path from data preparation to a successful store


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Zoom! 02/2019

Own it! The right location, the right attitude

  • Security? SURE! Political risk assessment at sub-national level
  • The right strategy: How geomarketing helps to save costs and set the right course when selecting locations
  • Just the blink of an eye: That’s how easy it is to solve location-based tasks with the Bing Maps API
  • Bing Up Your Website (2): The development of the map widget by CM4all
  • Keeping electric vehicles mobile: Optimized charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • As objective and neutral as possible: Background to political risk assessment


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Zoom! 01/2019

Health and the Geo journal: How spatial reference helps the health care system

  • All that counts! Also important: The “Geo” journal article
  • Medical care as a location factor: Network analysis case study
  • Visit regulations: Targeting pharmacies as a means of controlling sales
  • Tell me what I eat: Automatic determination of allergens & co.
  • Back to basics: On the road to multi-channel marketing
  • OTC and homeopathy: Purchasing power potentials and control tool
  • Rich and healthy: The role of socio-demographic data
  • The IoT in the health care system: Geomarketing potential in the starting blocks
  • Data pool: An overview for the health care sector
  • In the pink: Recommendations for good maps


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Zoom! 03/2018

From A to T: Urban logistics and the “Internet of Things”

  • IoT & LoT: The IoT and the meaning of the “Location of Things”
  • Looking ahead to the future: Complete Wireless LAN coverage for Hamburg
  • Groundhog Day: Why every day is “Day One” in the big data era
  • IoT in your pocket: The smartphone as sensor in the field of logistics

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Zoom! 02/2018

Analyze the location: Space as a decisive factor for success

  • The view of the world: How 2D and 3D images can change planning processes
  • Money (That’s what I want): Location planning for ATMs
  • Profiting from data treasure troves: Validate Germany with traffic data for location planning


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Zoom! 01/2018

The “Aha!” effect: How location intelligence affects BI

  • The integration factor: The impact of a web GIS solution on power supply companies and grid operators
  • The future of power supplies: The importance of high-resolution information in an EU research project
  • Metro Maps: A “mass-market” means of transport for information
  • Hadoop goes Geo: Processing enormous amounts of data by integrating spatial functionality


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Zoom! 03/2017

Always right by the customer: Optimizing marketing and sales with spatial data

  • Geo-optimized customer journey management: Putting customer, market and sales processes on the right track
  • Not my kind of place! Why shopping malls are terrified of this statement and what they can do about it
  • Cough? Aches and pains? Sore throat? I’ve got just what you need!
  • YellowMaps map technology with district data: When application and data work together

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Zoom! 02/2017

Spatial vision - clear view: better market development

  • From point to block: The use of real estate data in geomarketing
  • Filling up with energy: A database for grid operators & co.
  • City, land, house: New approaches to value mapping in Germany and Europe
  • Demand vs. sales: Knowing and using the habits of German consumers
  • “Location Intelligence” for all: What the business world can learn from Bing & Co.


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Zoom! 01/2017

Sunny to cloudy: The forecast for spatial data and services: lots of clouds

  • The changing cloud: Constantly on the move – even in the last five years
  • Map services in the cloud: Help is at hand when you’re spoilt for choice
  • Bing up your website: Millions of uses thanks to flexible licensing models
  • Tell me quando quando quando: “Police protection” for vehicles and machines
  • Fleet management for the construction sector and the role of harmonizing telematics data in the cloud


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