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Truck ETA calculation with the PTV Drive&Arrive API

The PTV Drive&Arrive development component calculates the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of your trucks and can be integrated into all common software solutions for transport, fleet and ramp management. The calculation of the ETA is based on the route information in combination with the position data of the vehicle.

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Connecting the supply chain with real-time data

With PTV Drive&Arrive you can automatically calculate ETAs that you can forward to all stakeholders of the transportation chain. That enables them to intervene in case of disruptions, plan resources accordingly and reduce idle time. This results in more efficiency for everyone: Ramp operators know when to expect incoming transports and are able to plan dynamic time windows, hauliers reduce long and unproductive waiting times at ramps, and shippers avoid contractual penalties, while maintaining a high service quality.


Multiple Data Sources

PTV Drive&Arrive requires truck position data for the ETA calculation. These can come from different sources:

  • Telematics software: PTV Drive&Arrive can be connected to almost all systems and telematics data aggregators.
  • PTV Driver App: The free app is installed on your drivers' devices and automatically sends position data to PTV Drive&Arrive.
  • Your own sources

Quick and Easy Implementation

PTV Drive&Arrive comes with a RESTful JSON API. It can be used with most programming languages and can be easily and quickly integrated with almost any software system (e.g. TMS, FMS, ramp or time slot management system). PTV Drive&Arrive also supports you during integration with an OpenAPI interface and offers the possibility to try out the interface without development with Swagger. Our extensive Developer Zone with Quick Start Guide, code samples and help articles will help you get started.

Pay-as-you use

No monthly fee, no integration or maintenance costs - for using the PTV Drive&Arrive API, you only pay 15 cents per trip and day. The number of stops per trip, participants and installations is unlimited.

Data Visualization wth PTV Trip Viewer

The free, web-based service PTV Trip Viewer is the ideal complement to PTV Drive&Arrive and provides an overview of the estimated arrival times (ETA) at all stopovers on a tour, compares them with the planned arrival times (PTA) and calculates the expected deviation. Any stakeholder in the transportation chain can access the overview for free using the tour's SCEM-ID. The Trip Viewer can also be integrated into your website via iFrame.

This is how the ETA calculation with PTV Drive&Arrive works

You plan your trips as usual with your route planning software. The finished routes are then transferred to PTV Drive&Arrive, where each trip is assigned a unique number. This so-called SCEM-ID can be passed on to all participants in the transport chain and used to query the ETA.

As soon as the journey begins, either the connected telematics solution or the PTV Driver app automatically transmits the current position data. PTV Drive&Arrive then generates an ETA from this data, the route and traffic information, and all vehicle-relevant attributes and restrictions.

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Put our ETA to the test

Experience the accuracy of our ETA calculation - all without API integration. Simply create a trip in PTV Trip Viewer, ask one of your drivers to install the PTV Driver App and track the ETA using the SCEM-ID in the browser.

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Accurate and precise ETA calculation

An ETA only has added value if it reflects reality as accurately as possible. PTV Drive&Arrive's algorithms therefore take all relevant variables into account when calculating truck arrival times:

  • Position data
  • Route information
  • Truck attributes and restrictions
  • Historical traffic data for trucks
  • Driving and rest times
  • Live traffic updates and predictions
  • Current road closures
  • Time windows and service times

The tool also has a road matching function, and thus knows on which road and side of the road the vehicle is traveling, even with inaccurate position data.

PTV Drive&Arrive for partners

Would you like to add ETA functionalities to your commercial telematics, fleet or yard management solution quickly and cost-effectively? Are you looking for a partner who offers you an easy-to-integrate API and outstanding enablement support? Become a PTV partner and benefit from exclusive advantages.

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What customers say about PTV Drive&Arrive

Drive&Arrive is exciting. If we know what time a truck will arrive at our warehouse, we can assign a dock to that truck and automatically inform the driver.

Hessel Jonkman
ICT and Relationships Manager, Tielbeke

The integration of the PTV Drive&Arrive notification solution has significantly streamlined our processes and increased customer satisfaction.

Tim Tuschen
IT Project Manager, Holz Tusche GmbH & Co. KG

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