Plan Your Electric Fleet's Routes with our EV Truck Route Planner

Scan our database for commercial EV trucks and vans to find suitable electric vehicles for your company, compare their performance and range, and plan optimised routes for your electric vehicles. Take the first step toward decarbonising your fleet and switching to electric trucks.

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Unique EV Truck Route Planner features

  • Comprehensive catalogue of Truck & Van EVs (Electric Vehicles) in Europe
  • Realistic consumption calculation
  • Innovative EV truck routing and planning algorithms
  • Consideration of relevant vehicle-specific restrictions
  • Consideration of driving behaviour, elevations, temperature, and wind influences

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How to use the EV Truck Route Planner

  1. Pick an EV truck or van from the database by clicking on "Change Vehicle".
  2. Enter the start and destination of your route. You can also enter multiple stops.
  3. Specify how much payload you have at each stop and click "Calculate Route".
  4. Optional: Make additional settings concerning such as energy saving, weather, or battery age.
  5. Click on "Calculate" to see the results.
  6. Want to see the route for another vehicle? Click on "Back to route" and select a different electric vehicle or variant.

Why is this the best EV Truck Route Planner?

Extensive database

Our extensive vehicle database includes digital twins of over 160 electric trucks and 70 electric vans. It includes current and soon-to-be-available vehicles.

You can send us missing EVs or suggestions for improvements:

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The best routing algorithms

The route is based on PTV's state-of-the-art routing algorithms and knowledge. We calculate the optimal route, considering all relevant vehicle-specific restrictions as well as current and historical traffic conditions.

For realistic vehicle consumption on your route, we calculate payloads at each stop and consider influences such as driving behaviour, elevation, temperature and wind effects, vehicle age and battery usage.

White label solution

Need a customised version of the EV Truck Route Planner for your company or website, with your own vehicles, vehicle model training, and custom extensions? Get in touch!  Get your white label

Over 50 years knowledge

PTV Logistics, the pioneer in route planning and optimisation software, introduces the first EV Truck Route Planner specifically designed for commercial vehicles. Explore EV possibilities, discover facts, effortlessly plan, and visualise trips in real-time with our customisable tool. Independent and unbiased, it provides insights for the first step towards alternative energies.


What is the EV Truck Route Planner?

The EV Truck Route Planner is a commercial tool designed specifically for logistics companies that are interested in electric fleets. It provides a comprehensive catalogue of electric vehicles in Europe and a powerful tool to calculate and plan routes for electric trucks & vans.

How does the EV Truck Route Planner benefit logistics companies?

The EV Truck Route Planner helps logistics companies to discover electric commercial vehicles, and to plan realistic scenarios for them, to see if they are suited for their transportation tasks. The migration of fleets to electric vehicles helps companies to reduce fuel costs, increase productivity, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Is the EV Truck Route Planner tied to any specific truck manufacturer?

No, the EV Truck Route Planner is an independent tool not tied to any specific truck manufacturer. This gives logistics companies complete flexibility and control over their operations.

Can the EV Truck Route Planner be customised to fit the needs of my business?

Yes, the EV Truck Route Planner is customisable to fit the needs in regards of branding, vehicles, or individual functionality. Our team can work with you to create an individual solution that meets your unique business needs.

How can I get started with the EV Truck Route Planner?

It is a free tool, and you can start immediately; you do not need to request a free trial or subscribe. Just follow the steps in the ‘’How to use the EV Truck Route Planner’ section.

What is the catalogue of electric vehicles in the EV Truck Route Planner system?

The EV Truck Route Planner provides a comprehensive and unique catalogue of commercial electric vehicles in Europe, including information on their range, charging possibilities and other key specifications. This catalogue is regularly updated and enhanced, to ensure that logistics companies have access to the latest information on electric vehicles.

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