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Cost Optimization with PTV OptiFlow

Creating the best transportation plan for your deliveries can be complex and time consuming, involving numerous factors such as delivery windows, vehicle equipment, and driver qualifications. PTV OptiFlow streamlines this process, eliminating the need for manual adjustments by optimizing routes based on underlying costs to find the most cost-effective solution.

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Cost Optimization factors

Driver allocation

Minimizes personnel costs by assigning drivers with specific skills to relevant deliveries.

Outsourcing vs. insourcing

Determines the most cost-effective option between using your fleet or outsourcing deliveries.

Driver satisfaction

Keeps drivers happy by assigning preferred regions, with penalties for less favored areas.

Industry Production
Warehouse efficiency

Spreads loading dock usage over time to avoid operational peaks and reduce costs.


Evaluates the cost benefits of cross-docking versus direct delivery to find the cheapest option.

Why PTV OptiFlow stands out?

Comprehensive Cost-Based Planning

PTV OptiFlow transcends typical route optimization by focusing on comprehensive cost-based planning. Unlike standard solutions that aim to save costs through resource and distance reduction, OptiFlow’s unique approach integrates detailed cost considerations at every planning stage. This ensures not just optimized routes but the most cost-effective delivery plans overall.

Comprehensive Cost Management

PTV OptiFlow inherently focuses on finding the most economical delivery plans by defining specific costs for various factors, such as driver overtime or penalties for less preferred delivery times. By assigning cost rates to both hard and soft constraints, OptiFlow creates highly robust and efficient plans that adapt to real-world logistics challenges. This method involves assigning costs to almost any aspect of the delivery process, enabling OptiFlow to navigate and optimize based on real-world financial implications. This ensures that each plan is not only optimal but also aligned with your specific cost management strategies, providing unparalleled flexibility and precision in cost management.

Why use OptiFlow for cost optimization?

PTV OptiFlow offers unparalleled flexibility in defining delivery constraints as preferences, rather than strict rules, allowing for significant cost savings. By assigning specific costs to various factors—such as preferred delivery windows or driver regions—OptiFlow balances planning flexibility with financial efficiency. This method ensures that the overall delivery plan is not only cost effective but also adaptable to your operational needs. OptiFlow’s intelligent cost management capabilities streamline logistics, minimize expenses, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

PTV OptiFlow automatically creates the most cost-effective delivery plan tailored to your needs, handling complex planning details and minimizing costs through advanced optimization algorithms.

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