Automated SaaS route optimisation

Best-in-class route optimisation technology for fully automated route planning in the Cloud. By employing smart, fast, and high-performance algorithms, you can achieve unparalleled results while significantly reducing costs through a minimised number of vehicles, miles, and working hours.

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Revolutionise the way you plan and optimise your routes

OptiFlow is a complete cloud-based software transport planning solution that scales to your needs and releases new functionality on a weekly basis. In an ever-changing world, new ideas, government regulations and logistics innovations get easily integrated into your transport plan with OptiFlow.

Embrace the future of transportation planning, where efficiency meets customer-centricity. Maximise operational efficiency, minimise costs and meet customers' demands for superb, predictable, and on-time delivery.

Happy customers - a selection of OptiFlow references

These companies experienced substantial cost savings by 15%, scalability, and enhanced speed after adopting OptiFlow 



Hello Fresh Hello Fresh
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Ahold Delhaize Ahold Delhaize
Dynalogic Dynalogic
Simon Loos Simon Loos

Core Functions of OptiFlow

SaaS Route Optimisation

OptiFlow is a cloud-based software that eliminates the need for additional server infrastructure. This cloud setup enables quick scaling of orders, vehicles, and plans, allowing you to handle up to 10,000 orders in a single plan. Additionally, with automatic weekly updates and regular new feature releases, OptiFlow ensures that you always have access to the latest technology and features to meet the demands of modern logistics.

Automated planning

Harvesting the savings from algorithm-based planning starts with getting the machine to do the hard work. OptiFlow introduces fully automated planning with powerful algorithms that can optimise up to 10,000 orders in a single plan. Whether you want to plan orders all at once or in phases, this technology can add orders to existing routes and re-optimise them according to your needs. Adjust your fixed routes (tactical plan) based on daily fluctuations and distinguish between soft and hard constraints for a more tailored approach. Using an advanced set of parameters, you can steer the algorithm to meet key performance indicator (KPI) targets set by management. With effortless sharing across multiple sites or business units, this automated planning technology is the perfect solution for your logistics needs.

PowEr add-on

PowEr is a cutting-edge add-on, revolutionising algorithm technologies and insights. It features a new optimisation engine deployed on the latest, most powerful cloud servers. Based on a new principle of multiple, parallel optimisations that intelligently rotates the transport plan. This innovative optimisation method, combined with its boosted infrastructure, results in significantly faster planning times, reducing the workload for planners, meeting tight customer and production deadlines, and allowing for quick scenario planning during exceptions. This trailblazing optimisation technique has led to unparalleled cost savings for our clients.

Why you should consider OptiFlow

PTV Axylog provides digitalization of supply chain
Fully automated process

Long-term successfully automated planning.

Real time
Faster Planning

Reduce planning time from hours to minutes.

PTV Vistro save time
Better Savings

Reduce your transportation costs and maximise your fleet utilisation.

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Simulate and Compare Plans

Gain tactical insight into your planning by running multiple scenarios and comparing KPIs.  

Incorporate Traffic Data

Optimise routes based on traffic patterns and time-dependent drive times, to increase the reliability of your plan.  

Consider Logistics Constraints

Model the constraints of your logistics operation, such as preventing two product types from being transported in the same vehicle, with high flexibility in the planning tool. 

Plan with Time Windows and Capacity

Plan with time windows for each customer and customise capacities per vehicle. 

Account for Driver Preferences

Keep your drivers happy by taking their needs and preferences, such as break rules and preferred regions, into account in the optimisation while minimising the impact on the total cost. 

Integrate with Your Existing Systems

Import orders from your TMS/ERP system and export your routes to the driver's on-board computer. 

Success Stories


OptiFlow enables HelloFresh to achieve substantial savings while freeing up time for planners to work on tactical scenarios. Using OptiFlow's algorithms to optimise its supply chain, HelloFresh was able to reduce waste, minimise transportation costs, and improve its overall efficiency. This allowed them to deliver meals to customers more quickly and at a lower cost, ultimately boosting their operations and improving customer satisfaction.

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Dynalogic mainly provides full-service last-mile activities for products such as white goods, furniture and smartphones. The company also provide ID-related services, such as delivering alcohol with a Nix18 check or delivering passports to people's homes. Volumes are constantly increasing and customer care is continuously being expanded. With the help of OptiFlow, they are able to provide more sustainable services, serve customers even better than before and achieve cost savings.

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