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Service around the use of geodata

As a leading provider of the widest range of solutions for planning, transport and traffic, PTV GmbH also has a comprehensive offer of data services.

Make use of our insider expertise when it comes to advice: From your needs analysis to data research and procurement, right up to the integration of a wide range of data structures into your system.

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All you need from spatial data: All from a single source

PTV Data Datenexpertise
Decades of expertise in data handling

For more than 30 years, we have been working with the targeted use of spatial data

PTV Data Consulting
Provider-independent data procurement

Due to business relationships with 100 data providers worldwide we can provide neutral advice

Symbolbild Datenbeschaffung
Support for your data projects throughout the whole process

Profit from a single point of contact across all phases of your data project

We will offer you advice tailored to your needs

Make use of data expertise that has developed over decades.

Whenever spatial data is involved, we are the people you need.

Whether carrying out a needs assessment to determine the right spatial data for your application, procuring data which is difficult to obtain from providers all around the world, or customising and migrating data to your corporate GIS: No matter what you need, you will benefit from our global market experience which we have been consistently building since the 1990s.

In addition, you also benefit from numerous data-supported services from our company, such as geocoding or map generation, but also from a comprehensive generation of tailored location or territory planning.

Always in control of your mobility data

PTV Data Analytics

This platform analyses data sets to recognize patterns and enables decision-makers to identify the causes of transportation inefficiencies. This process is supported by big data tools and machine learning algorithms.

Historical traffic patterns are a good indicator of future behaviour: For example, a street segment that has been congested every Monday morning in the past is most likely to be just as congested every Monday morning in the future unless countermeasures are taken. The platform enables you to learn from the past and apply this knowledge to safe and sustainable mobility solutions.

The right data for every purpose

Purchasing spatial data

There is a lot of data available as open-source data that can also be adapted to individual company applications. However, high-quality data from specialised providers is often the better choice. So deciding on the right data source is not that easy.

Our offer includes not only spatial data, market data, street network data, socio-demographic and topographic data:

We can also provide you with comprehensive advice on which data from which source is most suited to your application. This means that you are saving a large amount of time and costs for arduous migration and customisation. Nor are you paying for data in large assortment packages that you don’t need.

All the data you need

Data research

The global offer of data with a spatial reference is almost limitless; but this makes it almost unmanageable for you. We will provide you with precisely the data you need: from address, business and financial market data, right up to distance tables, points of interest and topographic data for the whole of Europe or the world.

If you happen to need specialist data for your use case that we do not have in our standard offer, we are happy to do the research for you with our data partners around the world. This means that we can provide you with all demand level, geographic and demographic data from a single source, which saves you all the administrative effort.

Added value for your address data

Address enhancement

Customer addresses or branch locations alone don’t really give you that much information. But it gets interesting when your addresses and data are refined with additional information, making them more meaningful or comparable.

Whether you maintain address data yourself with your CRM system, for example, and have geocoded it with Geocoder MapUse, or use address data from one of our data packages or from another provider: You can meet your customers’ needs more specifically and more individually if you enhance your addresses.

We provide the enhancement of addresses with a wide range of socio-economic or demographic data. This enables you to draw valuable conclusions which can be applied to retaining or acquiring customers.

The right visualisation for every purpose

Map display

By illustrating marketing concepts, route planning, statistics or other applications with map displays, you are giving yourself and your customers a clear overview. Take advantage of our offer and let our competent team create the right map for every purpose.

Our comprehensive data pool for spatial connections and relationships around the world enables maps to be created for any economic issue. These contain significantly more information than standardised digital maps alone. If you regularly need to create maps yourself, we also offer the tools you need, such as PTV Map&Market. We will also be happy to instruct or train your employees in these tools if required.

Your map, however, you need it: individually or standardised, globally or in sections, analogue or digital.