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Purchasing spatial data

Our offer includes not only spatial data, market data, street network data, socio-demographic and topographic data: We will also provide you with comprehensive advice on which data will best help you to achieve your goal.

Our provider-independent portfolio can save you a large amount of money, as your system might not need time-consuming migration and customization, and you only purchase data for the region that is relevant to your business.

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Purchasing spatial data: Get to know your target group better

In addition to purchasing power, population and household data, the use of topographic maps and spatial data is essential for a comprehensive analysis. The right spatial reference helps you make effective evaluations and plan more effectively in the long term.

MyPTV provides you with the spatial data you need for your individual analysis.

Who should buy geodata?

Commercial customers who want to perform location and territory planning, trip and fleet optimization, geomarketing, market or business intelligence analyses are recommended to purchase licensed geospatial data. This guarantees in-depth information about regions as well as the desired target groups down to house level. In addition, we consistently ensure high data quality and actuality and advise you on licensing aspects concerning the commercial use of open-source data.

Spatial data from MyPTV

Depending on the area of application, maps can be combined individually and visualized to suit your requirements. This provides greater clarity and serves as a significant aid for long-term corporate decisions.

Find out more about our various spatial data packages and get your project off on the right foot – we will be happy to advise you on our wide range of offers.

Which spatial data can I purchase from MyPTV?

We can provide you with the following infrastructural data products and official digital raster maps:

  • Topographic maps: location maps, terrain models, contour lines
  • Aerial imagery, digital orthophotos
  • Historical data
  • Administrative areas and non-administrative area units
  • Satellite images
  • Street network maps: distance kilometers, toll charges

The provision of data by MyPTV significantly reduces the effort involved in obtaining and preparing the required data yourself. The requested data is available in standardized data exchange formats and available for immediate use. In addition to the provision of data, there is also the option of receiving advice concerning, for example, possible applications, suitable software or integration options.

Purchasing spatial data from MyPTV – these are your service advantages:

  • Regional & global: Data for Germany and worldwide.
  • The latest data: Regular data updates
  • The most suitable spatial level: Data available at statistical area level, raster level, or street segment level
  • Individually tailored: Either available in regional sections or individually scalable and can be additionally combined with demographic data or your own data.
  • Detailed evaluation: Worldwide for routing or territory planning down to house number level.
  • Professional advice

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