Your career at PTV Logistics

At PTV Logistics we are not just developers: we design the most modern software solutions for route planning, optimization and real-time transport tracking - but ultimately we ensure resilient supply chains and keep trade and transport moving. Develop a sustainable future in transport logistics together with us. Become part of our team that is working on a shared vision for the future. We stand for equality, diversity and a healthy work-life balance.

PTV Culture

Our corporate culture is characterized by openness, collaboration and innovation. We attach great importance to a friendly working environment in which ideas and opinions are valued. We encourage our employes to think creatively and develop solutions together. Promoting young talent is particularly important to us. We offer targeted programs and training to develop and support them. We enable them to grow personally and professionally. Our success is based on what we do and how we do it – and our culture reflects this belief.

Our Values

We stand for honesty, respectful interaction and cooperation in which we support each other. Together we are working to become the global leader in routing & optimization and transport tracking technology.


Valuing every voice, we create a workplace where everyone is heard and honored.


We stand for innovation, are open to different perspectives and welcome the change of the future.


We are committed to truth and transparency to inspire trust in all our actions.


We are only strong together - thanks to our combined power, we can reach the next level together.


Our aim is to become the global player in transport optimization.

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Empowering Every Talent

We attach great importance to strengthening talent. We recognize and promote the individual strengths and abilities of our employes in order to exploit their full potential. At the same time, we rely on barrier-free facilities that ensure that all team members have unhindered access to our resources. This enables a diverse and productive work environment. Employes with medical needs are supported through flexible work arrangements and comprehensive reintegration plans after long-term absences due to illness. Furthermore, our trained management recognizes signs of burnout at an early stage and actively offers help and support. We also promote work-life balance through flexible work arrangements that allow work to be adapted to individual needs.


Equality in the company is very important to us and we actively promote it. We firmly believe that diversity and openness are the cornerstones of a successful working environment. For us, it doesn't matter what ethnic origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or background our employes have. At PTV Logistics, every person is evaluated and treated based on their abilities, achievements and contributions. We pride ourselves on creating a work culture where everyone has equal opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Our commitment to equality is reflected in our practices, policies and decision-making processes to ensure that PTV Logistics is a place where everyone can achieve their full potential.


Our technology unites people around the world, which is why PTV Logistics puts community commitment first. Our team members are actively involved in charitable causes and are passionate about a sustainable future. We consistently adhere to ESG principles and integrate sustainability into all of our processes. We see it not only as an obligation, but also as our responsibility to integrate these values ​​into our relationships with suppliers and customers.