Local and street directories

Effective routing, location management or sales management

Your routing, but also your location or sales planning, can only be as accurate as the location and street coordinates you are using.

PTV Logistics local and street directories are just right if you need the exact location of places, districts, streets or street sections for Europe.

They are available with the precise coordinates of place data, right up to address or house coordinates and can be combined with additional data from our range.

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For almost any application

Local and street directories provide you with orientation right down to house number level.

PTV Location Files are just right if you need the exact coordinates of places or districts. They support an effective routing, location or sales management.

PTV street directories contain a classification of streets at different levels of detail. They provide you with a precise overview of the streets in populated areas – in almost all of Europe down to house number level. All the street directories we provide fit perfectly with PTV Digital Data Streets.


PTV Location File Germany and Europe

Accurate location files are indispensable for numerous applications ranging from map displays and routing tasks, right up to location or sales network planning. Our location files are available in the packages PTV Location File Germany, PTV Location File Germany Extra and PTV Location File Europe.

Towns and districts are usually depicted as the center of the built-up area. In addition to the town directory, the location file also contains, if available, the postcode, name of the place or district, a town size class, statistical number and coordinates of center.

PTV Street Directory

Our standard range includes three street directories:

The Postcode Street Directory provides a breakdown of streets based on the postal system.

The House Number Street Directory contains a breakdown of house number areas on a street section level.

The Street Directory PLUS contains a breakdown of house coordinates with the corresponding address points and postal addresses, suitable for geocoding own addresses or many geomarketing applications. It shows precisely how many addresses can be delivered to in a specific area.

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Attractive features

Location files in various specifications

PTV Location File Germany includes a good 62,000 places with the information described above. PTV Location File Germany Extra also takes into account location points for numerous districts and thus contains around 116,000 places.

PTV Logistics offers the Europe location file especially for companies operating across Europe and cross-border projects: It covers 47 European countries and comes as an extension to the location files Germany.

PTV Location File Europe contains more than 550,000 places but can also be purchased individually for each country on request. Additional detailed information with up to 6-digit postcodes is included for more than 40 countries.


Detailed information on PTV street directories

PTV Street Directory


PTV Logistics GmbH

Short description

Street directories, right down to the precise house-number, with address points/building coordinates based on HERE data incl. addition of street coordinates that have no address information or only house number ranges. The data fits PTV Digital Data Streets and is also available in-house number or postcode systematics.

Key words

Street directory, street coordinates, address points


Standard data format CSV, TXT, MapInfo TAB, ESRI shapefiles, more on request

Country coverage

Europe, more countries on request


available from PTV Logistics GmbH


upon request (is dependent on the configuration of the desired area section)



Actuality of the data set

December 2023



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We provide test data for internal demo and test purposes to download for free.

The test data is usually available in MapInfo TAB, MIF/MID and ESRI shapefile formats.

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