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Street networks for all applications from GIS, routing and traffic planning

PTV Digital Data Streets is just one of the renowned street networks in PTV Logistics range that you can combine with almost any of our data, whether for GIS, routing or traffic planning purposes. 

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Detailed street network for the whole world

PTV Digital Data Streets and other street networks for precise street data.

PTV Logistics can provide you with a wide range of road networks for many different applications. The renowned “flagship” is our PTV Digital Data Streets. It covers almost all fields of application from routing to GIS – worldwide.

In addition to the detailed street network, PTV Digital Data Streets contains further attributes such as street name, category and direction or one-way streets, but also location points.

Depending on the selected version and specification, a wide range of useful additional information is already included, such as country borders, railroad lines, topographic layers with built-up areas, bodies of water, other traffic routes and green areas, or even points of interest.

It can be combined with almost any other socio-demographic, topographic or administrative data from the PTV Logistics range, especially for your individual purpose.


PTV Digital Data Streets

PTV Digital Data Streets is available for the whole of Europe on the basis of HERE or TomTom. With a positioning accuracy of 5 m in urban areas and about 25 m in interurban areas, it is the ideal basis for navigation applications as well as for any GIS, because demographic data relating to street sections, such as our PTV Socio Streets or PTV Validate, also requires a suitable digital street network.

For geomarketing applications, we particularly recommend the specification GIS with data for graphical display and for use in geographical information systems (GISs). We developed the specification ROUTE especially for the application areas routing, tracking and fleet management.

We also offer a large set of additional attributes to go with PTV Digital Data Streets, such as Truck Attributes or Speed Patterns (average speeds driven).

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Additional street networks by PTV

If PTV Digital Data Streets are not an ideal fit for your specific application, we will be happy to advise you on possible alternatives. For example, we can offer you the two street networks which form the basis of the Digital Data Streets we developed:

The street network data from “HERE Map Content” (ex Navstreets) is ideally suited for navigation or routing applications as well as for cartography or geocoding. The street networks “TomTom Multinet” are also widely used and are also available in sections for different economic areas or individual towns and cities worldwide.

If required, we can provide you with a wide range of other street data from various providers worldwide: whether for your routing or any GIS application, whether for entire countries or only regionally, whether on a course scale or with street segment accuracy.

PTV map data

Map data form the basis of any traffic model: High-quality map data is therefore indispensable in achieving reliable results. We provide you with accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date map data that can be used straight away in our software. This saves you time and money and reduces your workload in obtaining and preparing the data.

We offer map data suitable for immediate use in PTV Traffic software solutions and tailored to your individual requirements. The maps are based on high-quality commercial maps provided by HERE or TomTom. We check this map data and equip it with additional content.

Attractive features in PTV Digital Data Streets

GIS and ROUTE specifications

GIS version contains

  • detailed street network with the attribute’s street name, street category, sign style and pedestrian zones
  • street directory
  • location points
  • topographical layers with populated areas, railway lines, airports, ferry routes, car parks, industrial areas, bodies of water, green areas, public facilities, etc.
  • Points of interest (POIs) such as railway stations, hotels, shopping malls, etc.

ROUTE version contains:

  • detailed street network with street names and categories, sign style, respective street type (driving speed), nodes and street length, one-way streets and turning restrictions
  • street directory
  • location points
  • topographical layers with populated areas and railways
  • Points of interest also available upon request

Extension options

In Germany, PTV Digital Data Streets is available for almost all municipalities right down to house number level and, on request, with a wide range of additional information such as address points, building outlines, land use data and much more.

It can also be combined with comprehensive data packages on purchasing power, demographics or economic structure, as well as points of interest or topographical features, allowing you to be flexible and keep pace with your current requirements at all times.

Detailed information on data set

PTV Digital Data Streets


PTV Logistics GmbH

Short description

PTV Digital Data Streets is an in-depth digitized street network based on HERE or TomTom and is available for the whole of Europe and many countries around the world. It is offered in the specifications GIS and ROUTE and can be combined with a wide range of demographic data.

Key words

Street network, route planning, street category


Standard data format MapInfo TAB, ESRI shapefiles, MIF/MID, other formats on request

Country coverage



available from PTV Logistics GmbH


upon request (is dependent on the configuration of the desired area section)



Actuality of the data set

December 2023


Test PTV Logistics data now!

We provide test data for internal demo and test purposes to download for free.

The test data is usually available in MapInfo TAB, MIF/MID and ESRI shapefile formats.

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