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PTV Logistics: Routing, Optimisation & Real-time transport visibility technology

PTV Logistics is a leading global software company for planning, calculating, and optimising transport logistics to save time and costs. Unlock your savings potential and make your transport and delivery operations more efficient with our cutting-edge software. Our commitment lies in empowering all types of businesses, ranging from startups to enterprises. Whether your operations encompass manufacturing, retail, home delivery, or any transportation-reliant industry, we enhance your endeavours. With the software of PTV Logistics, every route is optimised, every decision is based on data, and all shipments remain monitored, transitioning seamlessly from the planning phase to flawless execution.

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Every route, is the best route.

In the dynamic landscape of commerce, every route is incontestably the best route. Our software solutions unlock savings and efficiency in your transport and delivery operations. Dive in and discover our software portfolio where every route will turn into the best route, every decision is data-driven, and every shipment is under your watchful eye. A synchronised flow of improved routes and smarter resource use. It's not just a quick fix; it keeps learning and getting better to improve your delivery plans.

Discover our technology

PTV OptiFlow

Your comprehensive solution to help you streamline logistics operations and drive sustainable growth.

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PTV Axylog

Molnplattform för att spåra och hantera transporter i realtid: transportsynlighet.

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PTV Map&Guide

Effektiv ruttplanering för lastbilar och beräkning av transportkostnader.

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PTV Route Optimiser

Ruttoptimering och leveransdirigering som frigör fordonsflottans fulla potential.

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Location Service APIs
PTV Developer

PTV Developer offers high-performance APIs that enrich your software solution with logistical and geographical functions. 

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PTV Navigator

Lastbilsnavigering med aktuella kartor och trafikuppgifter.

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Dont take our words. Take theirs.

"PTV Logistics is a great and energetic partner with extensive knowledge."

Martijn Beerepoot
Project manager distribution and transport

“This (the software) gives us much better control of operations, enabling us to offer excellent service to our customers."

Jasper van Dooijeweert
Head of Planning

PTV Route Optimiser integrates functions that were previously done manually. It supports us in planning complex transport and distribution activities.

Giuseppe Galantuomo
Unilever Italy

"The software works perfectly and PTV Logistics delivers on its promise."

Philip Bleijlevens
Director strategy, innovation & CE

Thanks to PTV’s professional support and comprehensive API documentation, only three months passed between the first contact and the final integration.

Ben Stolze

"This is a win-win solution for all key players : the carriers, the cooperatives, but also those in the background who have to manage all the back-office and customer service issues."

Giuseppe Mariella

Your API is phenomenal. It’s dead easy to use, very fast and the results are fantastic. So glad I found your API – made my life so much easier.

Chris Locke

"The outstanding results we have achieved so far are also thanks to the knowledge, expertise, and availability of the partner we have chosen (PTV Logistics)."

Andrea Ceccantini
Logistic manager

I can only be very satisfied with the work of PTV Logistics and the results achieved thanks to the passion, expertise and extreme helpfulness put in place from the very beginning.

Luca Schiroli
Linehaul Delivery Manager

Our Purpose

We aim to provide exceptional optimisation tools, that meet and exceed the expectations of the global logistics marketplace. We are proud of 50 years of invaluable experience in developing cutting-edge "business" solutions. With a strong focus on enhancing distribution processes, we offer a comprehensive range of services to streamline your logistics operations and drive business success.

About PTV Logistics

PTV Logistics is a leading global software company for planning, calculating, and optimising transport logistics and mobility to save time and cost. With more than 40 years of experience, and record-breaking algorithms in route planning and tour optimisation, our software empowers logistics companies to realise the theoretical savings potential of route planning automation in practice.​

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